Should I drop if I have a rank of 11,293 in the JEE Mains?

  • Should I drop if I have a rank of 11,293 in the JEE Mains?

  • You have a pretty good rank. If you try a bit harder and go for physical counselling you can get some really good colleges.

    I can't honestly tell what will happen after an year given your state of mind. But I'd suggest explore all the best options you have and then go for dropping an year.

    Cheers and Love

  • You might be getting many options at this rank, but my suggestion is that you should take a drop. Your performance suggest that you can score better in mains and advanced both the next year you appear for JEE.

    Believe me, there is a vast difference between the platforms the NITs and IITs gives you. The platform that IIT will give you is unmatched. Ofcrse there might be a difference of opinion in this, as few of peeps in here will take offence. But let them. This is what reality is, and this is what reality will be.

    If you would have been around a rank of 4–5k in JEE Advanced or Mains, my answer for you would have been different.

    But at this scenario, you can risk it.

    Afterall, hard work is all it takes. 🙂

    All the very best!

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