Why do many people prefer IITs? Is it for settlement or just a name’s sake?

  • Why do many people prefer IITs? Is it for settlement or just a name’s sake?

  • Let me get very clear on this.

    First of all, you might want to change your question. IIT is not a settlement. It is a DREAM.

    A dream which keeps 14lacs of aspirant awake. Every year. This dream requires sweat. Sacrifices. Hard Work. And what not. Out of 14lac candidates who appear for the JEE Advanced, only 5000 make it ( taking about the general candidate)

    I do not want to offend anyone. Few people might take it for granted who do not have to toil hard for this, but the rest of us, we keep it in high regards. Its sacred.

    To an extent that people go with whatever they are getting into the IITs. They even compromise on the branch they get.


    Do you think people will do this much just for the namesake?


    When you will apply for a university abroad, via GMAT or GRE, you would feel the difference then.

    Yes, I am not denying the fact that it is better to take CS at top three NITs rather than joining IIT xyz, meta or something. But still, not everyone has this opportunity.

    Yes, we are overrated, but who is responsible for that. Not us. But those who constantly bi*ch about us.

    And yes, sometimes, there are few butthurts, who could not make it, but still cant stop criticizing IITs. And there are few, who were getting IIT, but chose to follow their passion.

    I respect them totally.

    Beware of the type of people you are with. Because as the result day is getting closer, the society is splitting into 2.

    Those who made it to IITs, and the rest.

    And just in case you are planning to take a drop,

    To know more please click on the link below



    All the very Best!

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