What rank can I get with 182 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019?

  • What rank can I get with 182 marks in the JEE Advanced 2019

  • Hello there!

    Well, I think I do not need to tell how great this score is especially in JEE Advanced 2019. You have really cracked the hard nuts provided by IIT Roorkee in the form of JEE Advanced 2019 questions… LOL… But dude really you performed exceptionally well in one of the hardest engineering exams in India. Especially this year the difficulty of the exam was not at all normal.

    So, without wasting time by discussing cutoffs lets just directly predict your rank. But there is one good news regarding cutoffs this year. And that news is that considering the difficulty level this year, the cutoffs this year are most likely to drop. But you should still focus on your rank... LOL.

    Well, to be honest, in my opinion, you are very likely to score a good rank of around 2000. Congrats dude!

    And you are definitely going to an IIT. That's pretty final.

    Time to celebrate 🙂

    Meanwhile, you can also watch the regarding videos by Doubtnut:-
    I hope it helps 🙂

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