How do I prepare for the JEE Advanced 2019 as a dropper?

  • How do I prepare for the JEE Advanced 2019 as a dropper

  • Well, you have to work really hard when you have decided to drop for cracking JEE Advanced 2020. It takes a lot when you have decided to crack JEE Advanced and to enter IIT with a prestigious rank. And, now when you are asking for preparation tips for JEE Advanced 2020, then I have the best preparation strategy that you can rely upon:-

    • Set a target of solving at least 40-80 numerical problems daily. Including physics, chemistry and, mathematics.

    • Start with the difficult areas first. It’s crucial to keep a note of the hardest sections and work your way to the easier material.

    • Analyze your mistakes and find the weak areas that often slow you down.

    • As tempting as it may be, never quit until you have achieved your daily target. Sleep only once you have solved your daily problems.

    • Study as per your plan, not by the number of hours. You cannot compare performances by looking at the clock. It does not matter how long you studied, the only thing that matters in exams is whether you know how to solve a problem or not.

    • Practice the art of selective thinking and listening. So, whether your dog needs your attention or that interesting episode of Big Bang Theory, discard stray thoughts. Build your solutions step-by-step with contextual thinking.

    • Get test papers from the past few years and solve the questions religiously. Sample papers help you familiarize yourself with the type of questions asked in the exam. Mock tests are eventually going to be your savior.

    • Mugging up or rote learning is not going to help for JEE Advanced preparation. Ensure that you understand what you are reading and learn to apply your brains.

    • Do the things you love. It could be something as simple as gorging on mom-made food ;-). Exercise daily, go for a walk or play active sports for at least an hour a day. Well, if you take yourself too seriously and forget to pamper yourself, it would be a terrible, terrible mistake!

    Dude, you can achieve really great if you follow these tips much seriously.

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