Is there any WhatsApp group where we can clear our doubts?

  • Is there any WhatsApp group where we can clear our doubts

  • Yeah sure, why not?

    You are exactly at the right place bud. Actually, as you also know WhatsApp was earlier known to be used only for the social messaging app but nowadays the growing technology also made the WhatsApp to be used as an educational app. Well, coming to the point, nowadays there are many groups prevalent on Whatsapp for studies related to discussions, doubts, etc. But mostly the person ends up receiving unwanted messages in such groups like Good morning, Good night, etc.

    But now India’s best doubt solving app Doubtnut has launched the WhatsApp bot feature that instantly solves one’s doubt on the go. Actually, that bot only solves the maths problems even up to the JEE Advanced level. You have to just click the picture of maths doubt clearly and send it to the bot and you will end up by receiving many best possible video answers to that question. The WhatsApp number of that bot is 8–4–0–0–4–0–0–4–0–0. It’s really very helpful and free of cost service. I myself have tried this feature before recommending you.

    Wanna see proof. Here it is:-


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