Which is the best WhatsApp group for IIT JEE 2020 preparation especially for doubts?

  • Which is the best WhatsApp group for IIT JEE 2019 preparation especially for doubts

  • Hello there!

    Well, you are at a pretty right place. We all know, preparing for IIT JEE is not at all an easy task. While studying for IIT JEE many doubts encounter our mind and sometimes those doubts got solved by teachers but teachers can’t be with us to solve our IIT JEE doubts 24/7. So sometimes, we face problems in our doubts. At that instance, the WhatsApp bot which I am gonna tell you will help you surely.

    Actually, recently a new feature of doubt solving WhatsApp bot is launched by India’s best doubt solving app Doubtnut. The number of that WhatsApp bot is 8–4–0–0–4–0–0–4–0–0. It’s a really very interesting maths doubt solving bot which is capable of solving any maths doubt even up to the JEE Advanced level.

    You have to follow just three steps and the solution will be provided instantly by that bot. Here are the steps to use the bot:-

    1. Click Just click the picture of the maths doubt that you wanted the bot to solve.
    2. Crop Make sure to crop the picture so that it will be easy for the WhatsApp bot to interpret the question easily.
    3. Send The final step is to send that cropped picture of your maths to doubt to the WhatsApp bot and you will be provided the best possible video answers to that question instantly.

    Actually, I myself have used this feature. That’s why I am recommending you to use this feature as I found it really very much helpful.



    It will surely help u:)

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