Is the chemistry NCERT enough for the boards as well as the JEE?

  • Is the chemistry NCERT enough for the boards as well as the JEE

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    Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the most coveted engineering entrance examination in India and is the gateway for admissions to the various technical institutes in the country. It has two rounds, first being JEE Main for admissions to NITs, IIITs, and other colleges, and then JEE Advanced for admissions to the IITs, taken by students who clear the JEE Main cutoffs. In a country obsessed with technical education, JEE Main is the most anticipated entrance examination, taken every year by more than 12 lakh students.

    • Well, coming back to the question, one can’t deny that NCERT textbooks are the most crucial material to refer for JEE Chemistry.

    • Almost 60-75 % of the questions are directly taken from the NCERT textbook for Chemistry.

    • A major portion of the remaining requires the application of concepts and mechanisms explained in the text, a trend especially seen in Organic Chemistry.

    • Inorganic Chemistry too has most questions from NCERT.

    • Questions from Physical chemistry, however, are easier to attend if you have learned the concepts and applications from somewhere other than just NCERT books.

    • Importantly, on the other hand, there are few chapters like Biomolecules, Polymers, Redox reactions, etc. which, otherwise broad topics to learn from external sources, can be best dealt with through NCERT textbooks. All said, make sure you read every chapter of NCERT Books at least once for JEE because it might not be sufficient but it is definitely necessary.

    You can also watch the following video for any further help:)

  • Yes, you can easily score 90-100 marks in JEE Mains Chemistry if you have studied NCERT thoroughly, line by line and solved all the questions. Chemistry is the easiest among the three subjects and it is the one in which you can score the highest marks in the lowest amount of time. 90% of the chemistry paper will have questions from the NCERT and the other 10% can be solved if you have read and revised NCERT again and again and all your concepts are clear.
    I am going to give you some tips which will help you in scoring good marks in JEE Mains Chemistry if you are only studying NCERT for it.

    Here are some tips to help you score good marks in JEE Mains Chemistry:

    1. You need to know your strengths from Inorganic, Physical or Organic and give you focus on the ones in which you are weak.
    2. You need to devote at least 2 hours to chemistry daily.
    3. You need to focus more on chapters like equilibrium, chemical kinetics, thermo, atomic structure, etc.
    4. In Organic chemistry Mechanism of a reaction is very important. So you need to study all the reactions.
    5. You need to read line by line chapters like s,p,d,f block, metallurgy, polymers, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life, etc.
    6. You need to memorize the formulas of Physical chemistry and keep practising.
    7. You need to create short notes to revise the theory and formulas before the exam.
    8. You have to study Inorganic chemistry repeatedly as most of the questions will come directly from NCERT.
    9. After reading and memorizing NCERT you can solve previous year papers which will make you familiar with the exam pattern and also increase your speed and accuracy. This will help you in knowing which topic needs further preparation.
    10. You need to stay confident and try to understand the concepts rather than cramming them up.

    If you follow the above tips and read the NCERT line by line then you will be able to get a good score in JEE Mains Chemistry, Just don’t leave out any topic.

    When you are studying these chapters and solving problems, you are bound to get some doubts or queries and you might get stressed when you feel you have hit a wall on some topics.
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