What are some tricks tips advice while giving IIT JEE Mains Advance paper?

  • What are some tricks tips advice while giving IIT JEE Mains Advance paper

  • Hey buddy!

    Well, dude as you also know preparing for IIT JEE is a task in itself and when one has successfully achieved that task, then still some tips and hacks to attempt IIT JEE empower one to achieve great.

    So I am here with some interesting tricks and tips for JEE 2020 aspirant.

    There are few points which you need to keep in mind. Read them below: -

    1. Don’t Study Any New Topic

    This is the most common mistake which majority of the students make during the last week. But, starting a new topic can be very dangerous for your whole preparation as it will demotivate you and increase your stress.

    2. Revise Important Topics Only

    IIT JEE last minute revision is very important. Though, it is impossible to revise the whole syllabus, hence, concentrate on those topics in each subject whose weightage is high and are quite scoring also.

    Revise them from the notes or study material. You can also learn formulas and basic concepts of these topics.

    You can also use Doubtnut for any doubts that may arise while studying. All you have to do is click a picture of your doubt and send it to us and you'll be provided with answer videos instantly!

    3. Analyze Your Mocks Again

    This will help you as a feedback on your mistakes and clarifies your concepts and formulas.

    Try to find out the topics on which you make mistakes regularly; try to avoid those questions in the exam.

    4. Don’t Study for Long Hours

    Another thing which is crucial is that the students study in the same pattern in which they studied for last 1-2 years at the time of IIT JEE 2020 Preparation. Don’t do that as this will make you lose your focus and forget what you have studied.

    5. Sleep Early and Have Sound Sleep

    One of the mistakes most of the students make is that they study for late nights and wake up late in the morning. But a week ago, you must change this habit as it can be harmful to you on the day of the examination because you will feel sleepy due to the daily habit. Also, a sound sleep of 6-7 hours is essential.

    6. Take Regular Breaks

    Taking a small break of 5-7 minutes in an hour is a bliss for you to keep yourself fresh and active for a long duration. Study breaks should be taken to get your mind rejuvenated so that you can refocus on your studies.

    7. Arrange Essential Things

    To avoid the hassle on the exam day, arrange all important items such a IIT JEE 2020 Admit Card, Identification proof, pen, pencil etc. prior to the day of the exam.

    Read the instructions on the admit card and arrange things you need to bring on that day.

    So friend, these were some of the most useful tips and hacks for IIT JEE 2020.

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