Where can I practice BITSAT mock test papers?

  • Where can I practice BITSAT mock test papers?

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  • Try Doubtnut app.

    The Doubtnut app gives you a platform to clear all your doubts. All you need to do is click the snap of the question and upload it on Doubtnut. The app will throw a video solution of the problem. The video explains the problem well and will definitely clear any problem you have. Give it a try.

    Also the mock test are available for various competitive exams. You can access them on the app as well. The tests are great and help a lot. I used the app myself and i can recommend that to you with confidence. The app has over 10,00,000 video solutions to various maths problems from various books. The app covers solutions to problems from class 6th to 12th and also IIT JEE exam questions.

    Give it a try. Here is the link: Doubtnut

    Also go to there youtube channel for other queries.Doubtnut

    I hope it helps.

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