I am in 12th with all basics good how can I start preparing for BITSAT CSE?

  • I am in 12th with all basics good how can I start preparing for BITSAT CSE?

  • Since you are preparing for BITSAT , you must be preparing for JEE also (most of the students do ) . Your JEE preparation must be thorough. For Physics , the series by DC Pandey is good. Chemistry - NCERT is the best . Search small hidden facts and make small questions from it. Maths - you may follow the book which you are following now , or can refer the set of Arihant books for JEE - they are sufficient . Once your concepts are clear , I think you’ll not need any extra book for BITSAT. I’m not saying don’t solve any other book , Arihant’s book for BITSAT is undoubtedly a good book but solve it after clarifying your concepts. Solve it as a practice book rather than a preparation book .

    Focus on your concepts first , make them crystal clear . Solve a variety of problems , so that you become confident in your JEE Preparation.

    Never ignore NCERT books . They are extremely important from the JEE and BITSAT preparation point of view . Many times they frame questions based directly based on the NCERT text.

    You must also join an online test series . This is the most important part of BITSAT prepartion . Many institutes provide online test series for BITSAT at low costs. (Any test series which you will join will be a bit above the actual BITSAT level - So don’t get tensed after the tests ) .I joined T.I.M.E BITSAT test series . I’m sharing what I learned from this test series -

    Joining a test definitely improved my speed . It gave the real exam-hall experience at home . It used to provide me the exact time spend on each question , time spend on questions which I’ve attempted , not attempted and attempted but with wrong answers. I came to know that “half knowledge is dangerous” . Either you should know the solution and get the correct answer or you shouldn’t read the question at all , just blink and pass the question. For example , if you try attempting a question , you spend 20–30 seconds in reading and understanding the question and then attempt it in another 2 mins but finally you did not get any answer or got the wrong answer , then your 2.5 mins go in vain and if the same thing happens in 10 such questions , then you end up wasting 25 mins in the examination hall. So you should decide that whether to attempt the question or not with just a glance at the question . Trust me , if you’ve prepared well and follow this technique , you’ll surely get a high score in the exam .

    After the tests always refer solutions . You may find some shortcuts about which you had never thought of .

    While taking an online test , practice with as minimum rough work as possible . On the day of BITSAT , you’ll be given a scratch pad for rough work with only 8 small pages - you’ll not get any extra.

    You can tackle any exam and succeed in it if your strategy is good . In exams like JEE and BITSAT , strategy is very important . Follow the above mentioned points . I know you’ll surely succeed.

    Be sure that your doubts are taken care of on time. For doubts checkout Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut where you can get your doubts solved instantly.

    Cheers and Love


  • All your basics are good means i assume you are through with your NCERT books. If not, that is your first step. Once you are done with that, half your preparation is over already and you can proceed furthur. So if i start breaking the procedure in steps, here is how it goes.

    Finish up your NCERT books. That is the firrst step you need to take. This will form the base of what you study further and also, this will help you solve a major part of the questions you face in the upcoming steps.
    Pick a book other than NCERT for practicing questions in each subject. I will recommend some books, but go with the one that you think is the best.

    a. Maths: RD Sharma Objectives and Arihant and cengage publications.
    b. Chemistry: NCERT and NCERT Exemplar
    c. Physics: Resnick Halliday and HC Verma
    d. Mock test papers: Arihant publications BITSAT

    Once you have picked the books, pick something that can clear your doubts. Online doubt clearing apps are amazing right now. Try Doubtnut. Its an amazing app. You just have to click a snap of your problem. It analysis the problem using AI and returns a video solution for it. Also it can be used for video solutions.
    Now you have all the tools. Only a plan of action is needed. So first, look at the marks of all the topics that are to be there in the exam. How much do each topic weighs and then plan accordingly. The topic with highest marks are to be done first. The topics which are unsure of being asked need not be practiced much and may be even left in case there is an issue of time.
    Start with chemistry. It is easy to score in chemistry and might even end up as the section where you score the most in the exam. You need not think much in chemistry questions. They are straight forward. That’s why, its best to build a good base in chemistry.
    Along with chemistry, i think maths should be practiced because maths needs practice and you need to do that everyday. Physics and chemistry can be studied on alternative days, but maths needs to be done everyday.
    I think this course of action will definitely give you good marks in BITSAT. I hope it helps.

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