If I study only NCERT math CBSE 12 is it enough for scoring 95+ in 2017?

  • If I study only NCERT math CBSE 12 is it enough for scoring 95+ in 2017?

  • NCERT along with whatever have been taught in class previously. Class notes, teacher notes, NCERT and a hand on previous year question papers will help you a lot scoring 95+ in CBSE 12th examination.

  • Simply answering, NO! If you see the papers from 2015 to now, you will see that the difficulty of the questions have increased and NCERT won’t be enough at all if you are looking to score above 90 marks in boards. You need a book that has more difficult questions and provides you a lot more practice. I scored 95 marks in math in 2017 boards and trust me, it wasn’t that easy .Here are some books which i recommend for that purpose. That will help you scoring decent marks.

    RS Aggarwal: There are many books in market, but in my opinion, this one is simply the best. It has the best questions which are at board exam level and not too difficult. It’s easy to solve too. I know it’s a little time consuming, but you have to do it.
    RD Sharma (Optional): Once you solve the RS Aggarwal book, the only reason to go for the RD Sharma is the question practice that it is going to give. If you feel like you need some more practice, go for this book. It will help you.
    CBSE Previous year papers: There are many online platforms that will give you solved previous year papers. You do need to see them once. You will get a knowledge of what kind of questions are asked in the exam and what you need to practice. So check them out once.
    Sample papers: You need to solve sample papers before you appear for the exam. This will show you your speed and the areas which you still need to work on. You cannot skip on solving these papers. This is kind of important because this is what closes the gap between 90 and 95.
    All the above material is available on the Doubtnut app, with solutions. You can check that out.

    I hope it helps.

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