What is the best method of study for preparing JEE Mains and Advanced?

  • What is the best method of study for preparing JEE Mains and Advanced?

  • See there are many ways to prepare for these exams and most of them are effective. I will suggest you the ones which i think should be followed. I have seen it produce results in past and it sure should produce results for you. So here is the strategy.

    Build your basics: The first step is to get a basic knowledge of everything you can get. So start be reading your NCERT books. they will form a great base and give you some good knowledge of the Concepts. You need a good and deep study of everything and that should give you enough knowledge to start solving difficult questions at the JEE level. Math NCERT solutions are available online on the Doubtnut app. Do check those out once.

    Choose the right books: You need to pick the right books to be able to prepare for the exam correctly. You cannot pick random books. So choosing the right books becomes the first priority. Here are the ones which i recommend - Resnick halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey for physics, Arihant and Cengage publications for math, NCERT exemplar for chemistry. These should be enough for your practice.
    Solve previous year papers: There are many previous year papers that you need to solve in case you plan on getting a good rank. you cannot skip this step. You need to get as many previous year questions inside your head as possible because they are going to help you to think how the questions will be asked in your upcoming exam.

    Solve sample papers: You can solve sample papers if you want to test your skills once before you can appear for the exam. You need to know where you stand and how much do you know before you can actually appear for the exam. So it’s best if you solve some papers before hand. There are JEE mock tests available online. Try solving them. They will surely benefit you.
    That’s the best strategy i can think of. I hope it helps.

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