How do I prepare JEE Advanced 2017 in 3 months to a get rank under 500?

  • How do I prepare JEE Advanced 2017 in 3 months to a get rank under 500?

  • It takes students almost 2 years to prepare for the JEE Advanced exam and they are still not able to earn a 3 digit rank. 3 months is a very low time but sure, it’s not impossible. But you better be ready for some hard work and giving it your all if you want to clear the exam with such a rank. I will tell you a strategy to do so and following that might help you.

    Here is what you can do:

    Previous year papers: You might be confident of clearing the mains if you are asking this question by which i assume your base is clear. So you need some previous year questions which will make you aware of the level of the exam and also give you a huge variety of questions. Solving the previous year papers will give you some confidence too.
    Mock tests: This is the most important step and probably the one that will make the difference. So you need a lot of practice before you can give the exam and also a good evaluation of how you are performing right now. So mock tests are the way to do it. But when you give mock tests again and again, you want to improve your score gradually. That is possible if you analyze your mistakes after each paper. That will give you a good question domain and also increase your concepts. JEE mock tests are available on the Doubtnut platform.
    Finally you need to refresh your base. So start studying NCERT books for that. the more you will read the NCERT books, the better your base will become. A better base will help you to solve the difficult questions and reach the JEE level. If you face a question that you haven’t solved before, a good base will help you to tackle that.
    I hope this helps.

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