How do I crack IIT JEE Mains in 4 months?

  • How do I crack IIT JEE Mains in 4 months?

  • If you are just aiming to clear the exam, then yes you surely can. What’s difficult is to get a rank below 1000. That’s why students have to prepare for the exam for over 2 years, so that they can get a good rank and a good college. But to crack the exam, you just need a good conceptual knowledge and a lot of practice. So be ready to devote 10 hours a day to your study if you are going to clear the exam. Here’s an action plan for you.

    NCERT books: Study all the NCERT books because you need to have a good base before you can clear the exam. You need to build a base before you can follow the difficult questions. That will help you to solve difficult questions and have a good grip at the concepts. Take up a month and read all the NCERTs of class 11th ad 12th.

    Question banks: Since you have 3 months left and now your base is clear too, I think you can go for the question banks. They will help you to increase your level and also your question domain. This is an important thing to do. So for math, try and solve the Arihant Publication series. It’s hard to be done in a month but you have to do it. Along with it you need to solve the HC verma book too. This will be important. If you think you can not do it, try to solve only the important questions. They will give you a boost too.

    Previous year papers: Take up 2 weeks and solve all the possible previous year papers. You need to solve the previous year papers because they show you how much practice you need and also, you have to cover each and every question in the paper. If you find some question that you are not able to solve, just take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut platform. It’s a Doubt clearing app which gives you a video solution of the question within seconds.

    Mock test papers: You also need a lot of practice of papers before you give your final exam. Mock test papers are the way to do so. They will show you the areas which you work on. But you are in your final days of preparation, so you have to use solving the various mock tests as a way to increase your marks. you can do that if after solving every test, you analyze your mistakes. You check the questions which were wrong and solve them again.

    That’s all i think can be done in the last 4 months. I hope it helps.

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