Which are the best NCERT solutions for class tenth?

  • Which are the best NCERT solutions for class tenth?

  • Try the Online NCERT solutions on the Doubtnut app. They have solutions to all the question and also have video lectures to explain them. It’s basically a doubt clearing app. If you have any math question that you are not able to solve, just take a snap of that question and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution within seconds. There are over 10,00,000 solved questions on the app.

    Also, there are solutions to various other books on the app. You can get the solutions to RD Sharma or RS agarwal. There are study material uploaded too. You can choose class 10 and view the topics which you want to study. There are sample papers too for your practice. They also have solved previous year papers.

    I think you should definitely try this app. This will be great for your 10th class board preparations.

    I hope it helps.

  • If you are taking about getting solutions instantly you can try doubtnut where you can get your problems solved instantly by the JEE experts.

    All you need to download the app from playstore and then make your ID. Click the picture of the question you can to have answer of and the experts will get back to you with the solution in no time.

    Cheers and Love

  • Class 10th is without any doubt is one of the biggest milestone in any students life, since it is the class after which you are given a chance to choose, chose what could later become your life, students often fall short in getting what they want or what they wish to chose is because of the bad board result of class 10th, and the reason there could be the lack of focus. Students often take these exams very lightly, not out of arrogance but merely out of innocence, a hard uncomfortable road in the beginning would give you a smooth paved road later in life.

    Students not only get the choice of what they want to do but they have to pursue what they have actually thought of doing, and if your plan is to clear some of the most difficult entrance examination there is and get a place in some reputed college then, an early start would not hurt, and it is very important to begin early, since the competition for these exams is immense.

    To go through with just class 10th board exam NCERT books would surely be useful but if we are looking for the competition ahead I think it becomes very important to be surrounded by good books all the time. For an JEE aspirant it becomes extremely important to surround himself with books that can provide him with the best knowledge, let it be concept clearing providing enough problems of such level that would help the student grow in terms of efficiency and productivity and when it comes to maths RD Sharma is without any doubt is one of the best book available in the market, which not only thoroughly explains the concept but also gives you enough practice material to master the concept you just learned, which in my vision is the most important thing for a student.

    Though RD Sharma is a great book and helps you in moving step a closer to your JEE goals, but at times you will find yourself stuck on questions, and that will surely provoke your concentration and preparing for an exam ass prestigious as JEE frustration over a solution is the last thing you need.

    Traditional methods of preparation are now not that effective if I may say, you must be ready to take up every opportunity and use every possible resource there is, and if I may suggest you, can use Doubtnut app to help you preparing for JEE Mains and Advance.

    You can find solutions of every exercise in the book chapter wise this not only keeps you updated with your doubts but while preparing you can actually keep a record of how far you have studied given how simple and sorted Doubtnut app user interface is.

    Though RD Sharma is a great book but I also feel that being dependent over a single book for all your problem might not be the smartest move so I am suggesting some books which I am sure would help you immensely with your preparation.

    RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th: Students mostly underestimate the value of school level books and fail to understand that these school level books are actually the ones which lays the foundation for your learning years and the rhythm which students often can’t find even after so many years are actually build up by these

    Co-ordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE: authored by SK Goyal is indeed a very good book for coordinate geometry and it has an excellent quality of subjective questions.

    Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE: calculus is without any doubt is one of the most important topic in the Maths and this book explains calculus like no other and without a doubt is the best book for learning calculus

    COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH): In maths the more you practice the more you learn method is preached and when it comes to problems soliving this book provides students with the best problems for JEE level.

    These are some of the books which can be very useful for your preparation, yes RD Sharma would be an extremely helpful book per say but you just can not stay dependent over one book to get yourself through an exam like JEE, with that immense competition you make sure that you get the best help possible.

    I have seen every website and online portal which could provide people with good content for preparation and I found the Doubtnut app to be helpful with queries, they provide you with the solutions quick with methods easy to understand and always accurate.

    Doubtnut provides assistance on WhatsApp where you can just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on the group and believe me within seconds the video solution is provided by them. You can get their assistance by simply adding yourself on 8400400400.

    I have compared Doubtnut app with other online portals like Byjus or Unacademy and I have always found Doubtnut app much better than any of them, starting from interface, Doubtnut has made sure that user interface is very professional and easy quick links on the app makes it easier for you to search and execute your learning process really easy.

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