Would you vote Rahul Gandhi over Modi in 2019?

  • Would you vote Rahul Gandhi over Modi in 2019?

  • See i have no idea how to put it politely but to give you a straight and honest answer, NO! I would vote for Modi any day.

    Respect in other countries

    I don’t know why India can’t open eyes and see, what he has been doing for India. There was a time 5 years ago when Modi was elected and Satya Nadella wiped his hand after shaking hands with Modi. That was the respect people had for us Indians. But do you think that’s the case now? No my friend, times have drastically changed.

    Today India has gained respect in the world that it should have. And in my opinion that’s all because of our prime minister Modi. He got us the respect we deserved. He went to countries and made us friends with maximum possible countries. People don’t see that. I don’t know why.

    National Security

    Before now, did India ever take an action against the constant terrorist attacks being made against us? The Uri attacks made Whole India furious and there should have been an action against that and Modi did exactly that. He launched an attack against the attackers and yes, the operation was done successfully. We saw so many prime ministers before him, who did that? The threat wasn’t the first one but the action was.

    India is also prepping its military arsenal by entering joint partnerships with France, USA, Russia and Israel. The arsenal predominantly includes nuclear capable submarines, F-16s, rockets and choppers. These will help ensure security at Indian borders at all times.

    Make in India

    These three words declared by the PM woke the nation up to its potential. For years, India has been grappling with the menace of unemployment but the PM’s vision to transform India into the manufacturing hub of the world has breathed new life into so many different sectors. Foreign investment is pouring in with Ease of Doing Business rankings climbing steadily. Add to this Modi’s flagship campaigns – Skills India and Digital India and the nation is turning into one of the best startup incubation centers in the world.


    Let me tell you one more fact. Today we are ranked at number 5 among the top 10 largest economies in the world. IN 2014, before Modi took over, we were 10th. So people keep asking me why demonetization? what good did it do? Why GST? well here is your answer. It boosted our economy. There are only 4 countries now who have a better economy. US, China, Japan and Germany and trust me, this 5 year tenure which he got, he is going to beat this countries too.

    There are so many more thing that Modi has done for us. If i go on making a list, I don’t think that’s gonna end. I am not going to say anything against Rahul Gandhi, but these few stats should be enough to show you why i would vote for Modi every time.

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