Will I get into any NITs with a rank of 48k SC?

  • Will I get into any NITs with a rank of 48k SC?

  • No you won’t be getting an NIT with this rank in SC category. There will be many colleges other that NIT where you can get admission maybe. Try this college predictor.

    Best Colleges as per JEE Mains & Advance Rank

    Here you can enter your category as SC and your state and rank. This will show you a complete list of colleges that you are eligible for. You will get the NIT colleges too (if there are any) that will be giving you admissions.

    So try this. Moreover, do not just be stuck on getting into an NIT. Your rank can get you some good private colleges too. Give it a try. This will surely help you.

    If it doesn’t show anything, that means you won’t get any colleges.

    i hope it helps.

  • You can try to sit in physical counselling. Also, luck is something that matters a lot in these kinds of situations.

    You can always try and look for some options for other government college.

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