What mistakes stopped your JEE Advanced 2019 selection?

  • What mistakes stopped your JEE Advanced 2019 selection?

  • Well i did not give the paper this year and moreover, My exam was cleared in the first attempt too. But i have seen so many of my friends make some common mistakes because of which they fail to clear the exam. I will tell you those mistakes and that should help you a little.

    Less importance to NCERT CHEMISTRY BOOK: Chemistry is the most scoring subject in any competitive exam and studying its NCERT book thoroughly is enough to clear the exam. Once you are through with all the concepts in the NCERT books, all your concepts will be clear and you will know what you need to know to answer any exam.
    Revision strategy: Revision can be very time consuming and there should be a proper strategy for it. There are over 100 topics and chapters in the JEE advanced and revising each of them is gonna take a lot of time. So a strategy should be developed before hand. I did not have any strategy and started randomly. Don’t do that. That will only make things difficult. The syllabus is 60% 12th class and 40% 11th class. Plan accordingly.
    Working on positives: Its always good to optimize your negatives but working on your positives should be the priority. Its difficult to score at something you are not good at but its easy to score at something which you already know well. So just try and strengthen your strong areas.
    Try analyising your time and marks after exams: What a normal student like me does is, we never analyze what went wrong in the exam. Its a matter of scoring good or bad. We never ask ourselves what was wrong and we don’t correct it. Well, that should not be done.
    There are a lot more mistakes made during the preparation. Visit the following Doubtnut video for a better understanding. Also check out there channel for more helpful stuff as this.


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