What are some inspirational short stories that can change a persons life?

  • What are some inspirational short stories that can change a persons life?

  • Well you might have heard a lot of short stories, but trust me, you do need to read inspirational stories of some real people who achieved something real. People who did not have anything and worked there way up to achieve everything. Those are the stories you need to follow.

    Here are some stories of such people.

    IAS Officer Ansar Shaikh

    Ansar belonged to an economically backward family. His father was an auto rickshaw driver. He was always a bright student and good at studies. When he was in just 4th grade, his parents wanted to stop his studies further due to financial reasons, but his teachers convinced his parents otherwise. They believed that he will achieve something big in life.

    So his parents kept him in school for studies and he went on to score 91% in the boards exam. Then he went to the Fergusson college with just a pair of slippers and 2 pairs of clothes. That’s all he had.

    There he heard about the UPSC exams for the first time. He was very interested in those, but could not afford the 70,000 rupees coaching, so he talked to the coaching teacher and explained him the background of hi family. Therefore, half of his fees was waved.

    He joined the coaching and used to study 13 hrs a day to finally become an IAS officer at just the age of 21.

    Story of Nawazuddin Siddiqui

    We all know who is Nawazuddin Siddiqui today. But a very few people know that before becoming the big Bollywood star that he is today, he was just a watchman when he started his struggle.

    Born in Muzzafarnagar, UP, Nawazzudin’s father was just a peasant. Since the area where he was born in, the atmosphere wasn’t so friendly, he went to Haridwar and completed his BSc degree there.

    After completing his study, Nawaz went to Vadodra and started working as a chemist there. He did not like his job, but had to work there due to lack of money. In Gujarat, he went to see a play with his friend and got motivated to become an actor. So to make a career in acting, he went to Delhi and learned acting from the National school of drama.

    In the year 2000, he went to Mumbai with the hope that he will get a job in some tv series but unfortunately, that did not happen. So his financial situation was so bad that he wasn’t even able to pay his rent. So to get some money, he started working as a watchman during the day and acted in plays during the nights. For a long time he kept performing small roles ion movies.

    Soon his skill was recognized and he was given a chance in the Black Friday movie. That’s how his career started to build up and he got a lead role in the ‘Gangs of Wasseypur movie’.

    So you see these two stories are about two real people who actually struggled in life to reach where they are right now. One can learn so much from people like this, following there struggles and the hardships they went through.

    For more inspiring content such as this, try the Youtube channel ‘Adda by Doubtnut’.

    Adda by Doubtnut

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