What are the biggest inspirational stories?

  • What are the biggest inspirational stories?

  • It’s easy for people to achieve something when they are born with a silver spoon. But to think once, what about the children who are born in the families of less fortunate people? Have you ever thought the amount of struggle which they would have to go through?

    Here is a story about a boy who was born as a son of an auto rickshaw driver and without ever giving up, went on to become the youngest IAS officer. Yes, an IAS officer at just an age of 21.

    Ansar belonged to an economically backward family. His father was an auto rickshaw driver. He was always a bright student and good at studies. When he was in 4th grade, his parents wanted to stop his studies further due to financial reasons, but his teachers convinced his parents otherwise. They believed that he will achieve something big in life.

    So his parents kept him in school for studies and he went on to score 91% in the boards exam. Then he went to the Fergusson college with just a pair of slippers and 2 pairs of clothes. That’s all he had.

    There he heard about the UPSC exams for the first time. He was very interested in those, but could not afford the 70,000 rupees coaching, so he talked to the coaching teacher and explained him the background of hi family. Therefore, half of his fees was waved.

    He joined the coaching and used to study 13 hrs a day to finally become an IAS officer at just the age of 21. Here is a video from ‘Adda by Doubtnut’ about this amazing story.


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