Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for cracking the JEE ?

  • Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for cracking the JEE ?

  • As we all know that JEE Exam is one of the prestigious exam in India for taking admission in top most Engineering colleges. if i talk personally about coaching institute then ya of course it will depends on every individual candidates. if you have caliber to do by yourself then obviously you can it.and no need of coaching institute at all.

    The immense competition makes it necessary in today's time to have an edge over others. Even though success in exams like IIT JEE pattern is not guaranteed by joining top institutes then what it takes to ensure a seat in top IIT’s.

    A combination of both:guidance + self-study. m-learning is the perfect place for this. A series of video lectures will give you guidance of top faculty sitting at home and in less cost as well. Even if you not understand or miss anything you can simply push the replay button and get well versed with the content given.

    Without coaching institute you can crack JEE but in case if u will have need some guidance then u can google , some online video lecture which will help u and solve your any query. and some sites/apps available also. in which one of best site is:-

    DOUBTNUT :- Doubtnut is an interactive online tutoring platform which uses image recognition technology, to provide solutions of some mathematical questions.

    To find the solution to a mathematics question, one has to upload an image depicting the question in mathematical signage. The app extracts text from the image and tries to match it in its database of questions which are pre-answered, having recorded video solutions. If it finds a match, then the result is provided to the user otherwise it asks the user to post their question publicly for tutors available on the platform to provide a video explaining his query. Its services are available through an Android application or its official website.

    Some tips for better preparation are:-

    1. Prepare your notes daily while watching video lectures.

    2. After completion of any chapter solve the questions given in the DPS. and Study material.

    3. Try to solve maximum number of questions.

    4. After solving questions given in the DPS watch the discussion video at the end of the chapters to watch the solutions and clear your doubts. A smart study plan with sorted study material and guidance on non-academic matters as well, is what makes m-learning special.


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