How can I prepare for the JEE from Bihar ?

  • How can I prepare for the JEE from Bihar ?

  • Well, Actually if i talk about Bihar state then students of bihar is very laborious to be very kind honest and they are well known of mathematics.

    Basically, after 10th board exam candidates go for JEE mains preparation in different states like kota, delhi and many more cities . but i must say there is a numbers of good coaching institute in Bihar as well. so after 10th, students go for different states for better preparation but now no need to be worry at all. There are so many sources for better preparation of JEE .

    1.)DOUBTNUT- It is an interactive online tutoring platform which is image recognition technique, to provide solutions of some mathematical questions.

    To find the solution to a mathematics question, one has to upload an image depicting the question in mathematical signage. The app extracts text from the image and tries to match it in its database of questions which are pre-answered, having recorded video solutions. If it finds a match, then the result is provided to the user otherwise it asks the user to post their question publicly for tutors available on the platform to provide a video explaining his query. Its services are available through an Android application or its official website.


    2.)Mentors Eduserv- If you are an Excellent student and have a calliber to be among top,then join it eye this coaching have Mentors Achiever Campus which have not more that 30 students,every student is attended personally by best teachers of the country.And Each and every Facility to this batch is just top Mentors Eduserv if you are a good student and have that caliber for exam like JEE,BITS and WBJEE,but if you are aiming for private or local college then don't join it!But if you are in regular batch,local teacher will be provided and that will just waste your if you consider yourself not at top just don't join it.

    3.)Vidya Mandir Classes-This is also a great coaching Xtreme X batch is just fantastic,test is national level.But in this teachers are very young,so, they can have a problem of inexperience.

    4.) FIITJEE-All know it a nation level coaching with great facility and facilities.Now you can join it,but yes there will be the problem that they will teach you only and high level with less basics.

    Besides them some local but good coachings are

    .Vision Classes

    .Parth Ashram


    .Brilliant classes

    .Super 30.


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