How can I prepare for IIT JEE in 7 months ?

  • How can I prepare for IIT JEE in 7 months ?

  • Well the last 7 months are going to be very heavy for you if you are preparing to get a 3 digit rank. You have to work hard and be ready to give it your all. But you already know this stuff.

    You are here to get a strategy for these last 7 months. So i am going to help you with that.

    NCERT books (2 month): This is going to be an integral part to form your base or to refresh it in case you might have forgotten a few topics. So spend a month on refreshing your base and study all the topics from the NCERTs. This will help you prepare well ahead.

    Books to follow (3 months): Now in three months, what you have to do is, pick the recommended books and solve all the questions in it. These are the recommended books.

    • Math: Cengage series.

    • Chemistry: Exemplar and any practice book

    • Physics: HC Verma, DC Pandey and Satish K Gupta

    Previous year papers (2 weeks): Spend 2 weeks studying all the previous year papers along with the solutions. You need to cover every question that has been asked in the past. It’s important.

    Mock tests (1 month): Now the best thing you can do is, spend a complete month solving mock test papers. You will get a lot of question practice and recognize your weak and strong topics as well.

    Revision (Last 2 weeks): Now this is where your rank rises. You need to make a great revision plan to be able to clear the exam. When you are preparing, just try to write down the important things that you think might come handy in the paper. All your tricks and formulas should be written which you are going to study now in the 2 weeks.

    Pro tip: Try clearing all your doubts while you solve questions. There are going to be questions which you are not able to solve. Do not leave those questions. Do something about them, solve them. You need to solve them. That will increase your thinking capacity. Try the Doubtnut app for any question you are not able to solve.

    I hope it helps. All the best.

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