How do I clear the JEE Mains 2020 if my 11th class concepts are weak ?

  • How do I clear the JEE Mains 2020 if my 11th class concepts are weak ?

  • You do not need to worry at all. You just need to clear your basics again, and that is kind of an important thing.

    So what you have to do is, Pick up the class 11th NCERT books and read them again. You will understand most of the stuff without any problem.

    Now once that’s done, let me break it to you subject wise.

    Physics: After reading your NCERT books, read the Resnick Halliday book. It’s quite a lengthy book and requires time. So you need to give it some proper time which i don’t think you have. So what you can do is just read the theory part and leave the exercise questions. That will clear your physics concepts for class 11th as well as 12th.

    Chemistry: Well this one is the easiest. Read your NCERT books again and again. The more you will read those, the better your basics will get. Every time you will read the NCERT book, you will learn something new. You can follow the NCERT exemplar after that. That’s quite a handy book too.

    Math: Well class 11th math is not that easy and moreover your it needs practice. So the amount of time you have left is not enough. Just solve the NCERTs and read a little theory from the introduction of chapters. That will give you some strong base. Above that, just stick to the Cengage series. Aslo if you have any doubt in math which you are not able to solve, you can check the Doubtnut app.

    I hope this helps. All the best.

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