How can I study for both the JEE and the boards ?

  • How can I study for both the JEE and the boards ?

  • Well preparing for JEE is a difficult task, but preparing for the boards is easy. In my opinion , your target should be your JEE exam and not your boards exam. You can prepare for your boards exams in the last 3 months.

    So first target your JEE mains and start working for it.

    First read your NCERT books completely. You need to read all the NCERT books thoroughly so that you well prepared and you know all the concepts and have a strong base. Having a strong base makes it possible for you to solve the JEE e questions better. If you have a strong base, you can tackle any question that you face.

    After reading your NCERT books, go for these books.

    • Arihant series / Cengage series (for math)

    • HC Verma and DC Pandey for physics. If you have time, do read the resnick halliday book once.

    • NCERT is enough for chemistry for both the boards and JEE.

    After you are done with all these books, try solving the previous JEE papers.

    Now this plan is for JEE. When you have 3 months left, since you have already read the NCERT books thoroughly, go for their back exercises. This will refresh your base and give you practice for basic questions.

    Now after the NCERT, go for paper practice. First solve sample papers. Sample papers are a little difficult then the normal boards paper, so first be well versed with them. Then go for the previous year papers.

    This way,you will be prepared even if the paper turn out to be a little hard.

    Also if you are done with boards, or you are going for the january attempt, remember that you need to practice the mock test papers once too, for the JEE .

    This is the perfect strategy for both boards and JEE exams.

    All the best. I hope it helps.

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