What would be a good one year preparation strategy for JEE main and advanced to get a good rank ?

  • What would be a good one year preparation strategy for JEE main and advanced to get a good rank ?

  • Well one year is good enough to be able to score well in the JEE exams. Bit in this one year, you have to sacrifice a lot to be able to get a good rank.

    You need to be focused, you need to work hard and most of all, you need to have a clear goal in mind and that is to clear the JEE Mains and Advanced exams with a good rank.

    That being said, here is a good one year preparation strategy. This should help you.

    NCERT Books: See the first step is always to study your NCERT books thoroughly. I know these books are under rated and most people will tell you to just skip them, but trust me, you can’t skip them. You need a good and strong base and NCERT books are the best way to do so.

    Books to follow: After you are done with the NCERT books, of course you need to get some books that you can follow to be able to reach the JEE level and have some questions to practice. So here are the books to be used.

    • Math: NCERT, Arihant Series, Cengage series, KC Sinha, ML Khanna

    • Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT exemplar

    • Physics: NCERT, Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey

    Previous year papers: After you are done with solving some good books, it’s best if you can test your knowledge through some previous year papers. You will know the level of the questions that have been asked and moreover, you will have them in your mind. So if the same type of questions have been repeated, you will be able to answer those.

    Mock test papers: Final step of your preparation would be some practice papers. This is a major step because at the end, because practice matters. You will get what you deserve and for that you will need some practice.

    This is a perfect strategy to get a good rank. It’s bound to get you results.

    Here are some tips that might help you as well.

    • Do not avoid chemistry.

    • Practice math for 2 hours everyday.

    • Leave social media for an year.

    • Solve all you doubts. You can use Doubtnut for that.

    • Do not break the flow. You cannot leave your practice for a day.

    • Do not hesitate to take help from others.

    • Sleep well. Remember a sound mind rests in a sound body.

    I hope this helps. All the best.

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