What strategy or what time table should I opt for in order to get more than 240 points in the JEE Main I only have 8 months left ?

  • What strategy or what time table should I opt for in order to get more than 240 points in the JEE Main I only have 8 months left ?

  • Well there is one thing for certain that you will be able to clear the JEE Mains with 8 months of practice. That won’t be a problem.

    The problem would be scoring a good rank, that will give you your desired branch and college. I have a strategy but completing that in 8 months is going to be super hard. Not at all easy. But anyways, i am going to trim it as much as possible. Try to complete it, because you want a good rank and a good college.

    Here is the strategy first.

    NCERT Books: Well even if you think you have studied well for boards and you are clear with your concepts, you need to read the NCERT books again. See having a fresh base and a strong grip on concepts is always going to help you, when you start preparing at the JEE level.

    Question banks: Of course you need some books after reading your NCERT books for reaching the JEE level. So these are the books which i used and i recommend.

    • Math: Arihant and Cengage Publication series. Any one

    • Physics: NCERT, Resnick Halliday, HC Verma

    • Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT exemplar

    Previous year papers: After you have completely solved all these books, it’s best if you can start solving the previous year paper. You have already got a lot stronger at your concepts and question solving without noticing. So it will be best if you can get familiar with some questions that have been asked previously.

    Mock tests: After solving the previous year papers, you need to solve some mock tests to get a practice of a lot of questions before the exam. So solve as many mock tests as possible.

    This is a perfect strategy and is bound to get you results.

    Now there are also SOME TIPS i would give you that will help you to produce some better results.

    • Analyze your mistakes after every mock test.

    • Solve all your doubts as soon as you have them. You can use Doubtnut whatsapp bot for that. Whenever you have a question that you are not able to solve, just send that question on the whatsapp number 8–4–0–0–4–0–0–4–0–0. You will receive a video solution.

    • Leave SOCIAL MEDIA for an year.

    • Do not give up.

    • Make a good revision plan which is least time consuming.

    • Make a list of all the formulas and tricks.

    • Practice math for at least 2 hours everyday.

    • Do not run from chemistry.

    I hope this helps. All the best.

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