What would you advise someone who is preparing for the JEE Advanced 2019?

  • What would you advise someone who is preparing for the JEE Advanced 2019?

  • Hey! First of all, Good Luck for the exam. I hope you get the result you want.

    I hope you guys have joined some coaching for the exam study because it won’t be easy at all to do that by self study. Trust me, these coaching institutes know more than you think and they can be awesome guides to tell you what to study, but never the less, i will answer your question. I am also a student and i went through all those phases. It sure is hell for 2 years. You definitely need some advice to go through this phase.

    Now first of all, for any doubts you have, like which books to refer, or maybe how to prepare, go to the Doubtnut youtube channel. They upload amazing videos for competitive exams and also they have an app where they have over 10,00,000 solved maths questions which you can refer and clear your doubts.

    Now the advice part. Well, there are a few which i can think of.

    Chemistry: You guys might already be knowing that chemistry is the most scoring subject in any competitive exam. You don’t even need to go through a large number of books for chemistry. All you need is your NCERT and some mock test and previous year questions. So go for chemistry, make it your strong point and you competitive exams are bound to be easier.
    Practice maths: The thing about maths is, it will give you score if you give it time. The more you practice maths, the faster and sharper you get at it. After chemistry, I think maths is your best option to score well. The advance exam sure gives maths problems with pretty high standards but you need not be a genius to understand those. Practicing it would be enough.
    Mock test papers: In the final few weeks before the exam, it is best to solve as many mock test papers as possible. That will boost your confidence and cover a wide variety of questions. Its good if a wide variety of questions are covered because you will have a chance that the question that comes in the exam has already been done by you.
    NCERT: The NCERT for each subject is significantly important. All your basics are dependent on your clarity of the NCERT. Small exams like VITEEE or SRMJEE ask straight questions from the NCERT ans therefore, they have significant importance.
    Hope this helps.

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