How can I get a rank within 200 in the WBJEE?

  • How can I get a rank within 200 in the WBJEE?

  • The WBJEE exam wont be hard compared to the other competitive exams like the Mains or Advanced. So preparation and scoring shouldn’t be that hard. If you have been preparing for the IIT JEE, then WBJEE will be easy to clear and you can definitely score well in it.

    The most important section in this exam is the maths section. It carries maximum marks. So one has to be well prepared for maths. Be sure to practice a lot of maths before the exam. Simply studying and coming wont help. you have to practice the maths. Practice as many MCQ questions as possible. The recommended book would be Arihant publications. Also if there is any doubt in the questions, try the Doubtnut app. It’s a personal recommendation. Its best to clear your doubts through video lectures.

    The next thing you need to keep in mind is the chemistry part. The chemistry part of the exam is relatively easy to score. So out of 50 you should be scoring atleast 35–40 in chemistry to give yourself an overall score of 130+.The exam is divided into 2 exams. The morning one which has only maths and the evening one which has physics and chemistry combined. Don’t get restless in the gap between the two exams. You have enough time. So stop worrying, stay calm, have your lunch and give the exam. You will score according to what you worked for.

    Physics is always based on concept in any competitive exam. In WBJEE, the concepts need not be too deep because the level of the questions is not so high. They are easily solvable with a litte knowledge and presence of Mind solve the previous year questions before going into the exam. That will give you a certain advantage and also give you a little practice.That’s all the advice i can give. I hope it helps.

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