How can I get a 100 rank in the WBJEE?

  • How can I get a 100 rank in the WBJEE?

  • The maximum marks in the WBJEE exam are carried by mathematics. So the key here to score <100 rank is definitely practicing maths a lot. Give 2–3 hours to maths problems everyday and 4–5 hours in final days. This should cover a lot of topics and a wide variety of problems in maths and it should give a boost to your score. No need to give a lot of time to chemistry. It is easy and if you study your NCERT it should be enough. It is only 50 marks and is very scoring. So don’t give it much time but at the same time, you should know what you studied.

    Also try variety of maths questions online. When i had to give the WBJEE exam, i practiced questions from the Doubtnut app. It has over 10,00,000 solved questions on maths and also , it solves your doubts through video solutions.

    Physics in the exams won’t be that hard, but whatever the level maybe, you need a good conceptual knowledge to be able to attempt the questions. So its best to be focused on physics from the beginning and not be dependent on it at the end. Try and solve HC Verma and DC Pandey questions.

    Finally solve as many previous year question papers as possibles. Solve the mock tests available on the Doubtnut app too.

    If you have been preparing for the IIT JEE exams, then you need not worry. You are good to go.

    That’s all. I hope it helps.

  • WBJEE or West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination Board was constituted in the year 1962 by the government of West Bengal, to conduct JEE examination of Joint Entrance Examination for admissions in various colleges of West Bengal. Exercising the power provided to them by article 162 of the constitution of India, on 2nd march 1962, government of West Bengal exercised this right and took charge for conducting Joint Entrance Examination in various colleges of the state.

    The West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination board was awarded with the status, statutory body enacting vide.

    The board is authorised to conduct examination for the admission of aany undergraduate or any vocational course in any college within the state of West Bengal.

    WBJEE in any way is not much different from the central JEE it is an competitive exam being conducted for the admission for the undergraduate professionals. Which why I believe preparing for West Bengal JEE can not be much different from the central JEE. Conducting authorities are surely different but , science is the same, science is not subjective, it remains same for every exams, here are some tips that can help you prepare better for the exam.

    Quality of your study must overweigh the quantity you cant expect yourself to retain concepts in your mind until the exam day if you do not put regular and equal efforts.

    Keep as less distractions as you can, sometimes just because of very little distractions you end up losing your focus, like some sort of TV-show you like, a message tune on your phone make sure whenever you sit to study you have least things to distract you while you study.

    Positive Mindset is one thing you must keep account for while preparing for the JEE you can not afford to take unnecessary pressure, once you puts extra burden on your mind you end up losing your speed which I believe is one of the worst mistake you can do in your preparation.

    Never have ego issues with any chapter, if your mind can not accept some concept make sure to move on to the next one because wasting your time on that getting stuck will only going to make things hard for you, but make sure to come to it some other time.

    Do not get lazy, you must not procrastinate, never leave any chapter you can do today for tomorrow, this way you will be able to become most productive in terms of retaining what you have studied.

    JEE 2020 Preparation would surely be one thing, if done right, would change your life I mean you would have so much visible improvement in your personality. JEE 2020 preparation can not just limit to coaching, the key to its success is your time and dedication, more time you spend practicing more are the chances of you getting good rank later. Coaching can surely be a helpful factor, but it is just an accessory.

    What do you need to prepare best for JEE 2020?

    • Someone to teach about the concepts
    • Study material designed in a way that questions matches JEE level
    • Someone to clear your all the doubts you will get along the way

    What could be the solution to all these Barriers?

    Doubtnut without any doubt is the best app you can study to get yourself the best help for your JEE 2020 preparation

    Does this app teaches you about the concept of various topics? Yes, it does. On the librry pge there would be videos taking into your preparation chapter wise and will introduce a proper learning method.

    Does it provide the study material of JEE level? Yes, it does. There are exercises along with perevious years question papers where you will find the most relevant questions for your preparation.

    Does this app clear your doubt? Yes, it does. Doubtnut app this special service on their app where you just have to upload the picture of your doubt and within seconds you will receive a video reply for your doubt.


    Doubtnut app is completely free there are no charges whatsoever, you just sign up and start you course they do not provide you Education on the basis of the depth of your pockets.

    And in case you have a doubt while practicing you can just upload the picture of your doubt on the number 8400400400 and within seconds you will have the video reply.

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