Is it possible to study for BITSAT in 10 days?

  • Is it possible to study for BITSAT in 10 days?

  • See it depends on your current level of preparation. It is not impossible if you have some knowledge already, but if you are going to start from scratch, then it’s impossible.

    But considering you have some basic knowledge, lets make an action plan for the 10 days.

    Give first 3 days to your NCERT books. It will refresh your base and make your mind work again. It will make your concepts more clear.
    Spend first day revising the Physics book. You don’t have time, so don’t go into detail. Just revise it at a glance. That’s enough.
    Spend the second day revising the Maths NCERT. Just check the basic questions and concepts and and give your memory a boost. Solve the questions you think that need to be solved.]
    Spend the third day reading your chemistry NCERT. This is the most important day and the most important book to read. Take 2 days for this because this is all you get for the chemistry revision.
    Now you are left with 6 days. Do not get scared. Now start solving the mock tests and previous year papers. Try the Arihant Publications BITSAT book and the mock tests on the Doubtnut app. This will give a boost to your confidence and you will start improving your time and score slowly. Do this for 4 days and solve atleast 10 papers.
    The last two days are for your doubts to be cleared. Don’t try to learn something new. Just take a snap of your doubts and upload them on the Doubtnut app. It will give you a video solution and your doubt will be cleared. Don’t learn new stuff. It will be useless because it wont sit in your mind. So whatever you know, let it be.
    That’s the best action plan i can think of in the last 10 days. I hope it helps

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