How did you prepare for the IIT JEE 2?

  • How did you prepare for the IIT JEE 2?

  • Well, IIT JEE is one of the most difficult exams in our country and requires a great amount of preparation. So if you aspiring for it, be ready to work hard.

    Before you start your preparation, there are somethings that the preparation demands:

    Good mental and physical health.
    good books and materials.
    5–6 hours of study everyday.
    Continuity shouldn’t be broken.
    Now let me help you with each one of those.

    Firstly, good mental health and physical health is in your hands. I cannot tell you how to be healthy. All i can tell is you can only get your brain to remember stuff if your mental and physical condition is good.
    Now to recommend you some books, here goes
    Math: Arihant and Cengage Publications, NCERT Exemplar
    Physics: HC Verma and DC Pandey. If you have time, go for resnick Halliday
    Chemistry: Follow NCERT books. For practicing organic chemistry buy any practice book.
    Also there are some tips for your preparation

    Use some gap between class 11th and 12th
    Try to improve slowly. No one becomes perfect at once.
    Avoid necessary activities and distractions.
    Talk to your teachers regularly.
    Also if you have any doubts, try the Doubtnut app. It has over 10,00,000 solved mathematical questions. You just click a snap of your problem and upload it on the app. The app gives well explained video solutions to the problem.

    Also to answer your question, see the following video.

  • I was an average student in my school. Scored just 84% in 12th and still was able to prepare for IIT JEE in the next dropped year. I will give you details of what i did and also what i think you should do if you want to score well. Here goes:

    NCERT books: I jsut score 84% and i thought that I did not need to study NCERT. My teachers though otherwise and they made me read it. I took a whole month to first finish up all my NCERT book and that’s what made up a strong base for me. So whenever asks me something regarding the preparation, i first recommend them to go through there NCERT books.

    Choose the correct question bank: I don’t know if the books i solved were the best or not, but i thought they were good enough because at the end i did clear the exam. For physics i first read the Resnick Halliday. It formed a pretty strong base for me. Then i solved the HC Verma problems and the DC Pandey problems. They gave me a huge question bank which covered so many types of questions. Then i went for the Arihant and Cengage Publication problems for my Math preparation. They too were great. There is a complete solution of all the math books on the Doubtnut platform. So if you have any problem in any question, go for it. It will give you video solutions for your questions.

    Chemistry practice: Once everything is done, go for the chemistry practice. Chemistry is going to give you a big boost in your score. You need to have some practice book which gives you advanced level JEE questions. The more you will practice the chemistry questions, the higher your score will be. But remember not to give it much time and be stuck on it. Little preparation is enough to score a 100 in chemistry.

    Previous year papers: After everything was done, I did prefer to go for the previous year papers. They gave a lot of confidence and a large domain of questions get cover too. Most importantly if I solved any question in the previous year paper, it gave me a sense that i can do it. There are online previous year papers solutions at Doubtnut. In case you need help. You can get it there.

    Mock tests: Now if you want to increase you rank, i think mock tests are the way to do that. They will give you some practice and show you your current level. Where you stand right now and how much more work you need to put in. So mock tests are going to be your priority if you are looking ti clear the exam with a good rank.
    Try this strategy. It got me into the IIT and I think it will get you there too.I hope it helps.
    iitjee prepare

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  • Well dude,

    As, we all know that IIT JEE exam is one of the prestigious exam in our country for those who litterly wanna becomes a sustainable engineer. it's one of the difficult exam to crack for which require lots of potential,lots of mental strength as well as be ready to work hard. So i gonna give you some important facts that how to prepare well for JEE and achieve your dream .
    Let me clear one thing that which i will give you a conventional
    answer that all about my preparation strategy.
    I gonna share with you some points:-

    FAMILY BACKGROUND:- Basically,i am belonging from rural area from a small village .due to which there is no more environment for education system.there is no more coaching institute for good preparation of IIT JEE
    and all.from the very first time when i was in class 6 i was very interested in science.
    Therefor, from that time decided to go for IIT. so i went kota for well preparation for JEE after 10th.

    There was lots of coaching institute and i was confused that which coaching institute will be better for me.Many of my friends suggested for Vibrant academy.i went for entrance test. it was like a moderate level of questions i casually attempt most of questions.some of questions was quite tricky and very lengthy . after few days latter result announced and i did not got top batch of institute.i was feeling embarrassed.but latter on started going class.

    11th PREPARATION:- I started preparing and before starting i made a routine for well preparation and will follow very strictly. my class time was from 8 am to 2 pm . i was very serious in class and whatever teacher said i made a notes and captured all they said in my note book.after class i took a break of two hours in between i took lunch and rest as well.

    From 4 pm i started study whatever topics going on in class i had revised it first and then solving problems on each subject.

    After 1 month it was surprise test i performed well in test but it's not only surprise test it was also for reshuffling of batch that was good chance to go for top batch.

    Finally, i got top 2nd batch ,i was little bit happy .days going on and i was very serious for getting good rank in IIT that's why everyday i studied 6 to 8 hours.

    12th PREPARATION :- After 11th ,now i have lots of pressure just because of one year left and in between there was board exam as well. so it was quite difficult to manage all these things.

    Somehow i did but in between there was many times ups and down.
    Finally at the end of october syllabus completed. now i realised which topic is weak and which one is strong . so i focused more on that particular topics which was weak.

    After December i started preparation of board exam as well. so during this time i had more pressure to handle all.

    AFTER BOARD EXAM:- it was only one month left for JEE exam. so i had solved previous year papers of arihant publication that litterly made my confidence high and accuracy,speed .

    Finally it was exam day i was little bit nervous but somehow i controlled and focus on exam .Paper was moderate and some of them tricky as well. i solved very cool mind and which one i did not know i leaved.

    RESULT :- After result i got 237 out of 360. i was not so happy just because i worked hard and i was expecting about more then 250.

    Doubtnut:- Doubtnut is india's one of the best website/app which provide free best video lecture of all subject physics,chemistry and mathematics. so if you have any query related to study we are always up to solve.

    I hope you like it and will help you.

    All THE BEST !!

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