What is the best way to study for the BITSAT?

  • What is the best way to study for the BITSAT?

  • BITSAT is not an easy exam and requires a lot of practice to crack it. It tests your speed and accuracy along with the depth of your knowledge. So just studying for the exam and knowing the type of questions won’t help you. you have to practice and build up a certain level of speed and accuracy. So here is how you prepare for BITSAT.

    Get your tools right: Right tools are the ones which increase your knowledge and speed both. You need to pick out the right books and apps that will help you practice, study, solve your doubts and so on. Here are some personal recommendations. Maths - Arihant and Cengage publications, Physics - Resnick Halliday and HC Verma, Chemistry - NCERT and NCERT Exemplar, App- Doubtnut. This app will clear all your doubts and you can even take mock tests.
    Focus on Chemistry: Chemistry is the most scoring area in any competitive exam and having a good grasp at it, will definitely give you an edge. So do not leave anything in chemistry. Go for it. Learn it. You will score goood in exam if you score good in chemistry.
    Practice maths: The more you practice, the higher your score will be. It’s simple. When i was preparing for BITSAT, that was the biggest mistake i made. I did study a lot but i did not practice a lot and in my exam i was unable to solve many easy questions that i could have done easily. So do practice maths and clear all your doubts. Whatever your doubts are, just click a snap and upload it on Doubtnut. It will give you a video solution.
    Understand your Physics: Understanding physics is the key to scoring. Physics cannot be learned. You need to develop your concept in order to be able to solve problems. Once your concepts are built, any problem thrown at you becomes easy. So don’t try to force it on the problems, understand the concepts first.
    Solve more and more papers: Solving papers increases your confidence. Solving more and more papers, giving mock tests will develop your speed and accuracy and it will give you an edge in the competition in the competitive exams.
    That is all the help i can give. All the best.

  • The following are some tips to keep in mind to crack the BITSAT exam:

    Let’s start by setting a tagret to crack BITSAT. You need to score 380+ to BITS Pilani.

    BITSAT is easier as compared to JEE Mains but it’s lengthier. JEE Mains has 90 questions whereas BITSAT has 150 questions.

    The difficulty level of physics and chemistry goes from easy to moderate. maths is moderately tough.

    Another thing to notice is English and logical reasoning comprises of 75 marks out of 450.

    Now, since the paper is lengthy, the weightage of theory is more than numericals.

    Therefore it becomes important to go through physics and chemistry NCERT , especially for inorganic and organic .

    • For maths , it’s better to refer to books other than NCERT.

    • Arihant BITSAT Book

    • Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test by Disha Experts.

    • These books are BITSAT centric , so it’ll help you focus on question that are moderately tough .

    In the last 10 days before the exam, focus toatally on english and logical reasoning. it’s very important score in this section as it might the deciding factor of your rank.

    Practice as many mock tests as possible. It’ll help you increase the speed of answering and to deal with the pressure. Try to cover 60–65 questions in the initial 40–45 minutes. find all the easy questions and do them in this time as it will take the pressure off from the rest of the time.

    I hope my answer helped. All the best!

  • BITSAT is the next biggest engineering entrance exam after JEE Main (in terms of the number of students giving the exam). It requires a well-thought strategy to prepare for it because the competition here is also very tough.

    There are many points on which I would like to draw your attention, and which hopefully would help you improve your BITSAT preparation level and would also act like a guide to formulate your BITSAT preparation strategy.

    • The first thing is to understand the exam pattern. The pattern of BITSAT is much different from conventional exams. So, it becomes necessary to plan according to the requirements of the exam.

    • Being an Online exam, it is helpful to have a habit of giving online tests. There are many ways to do this. You may take online test series. It helped me understand the way online exam is conducted and also the potential failures which could happen during exam and how to tackle them. Also, the questions of these exams are similar to the BITSAT level so they even act as practice papers of BITSAT. So, it gave me an experience which I was going to exploit in my BITSAT exam.

    • Visit the BITSAT website. There you would get the BITSAT syllabus as well as other info related to the exam. Go through the syllabus carefully and study only the topics which are in the syllabus, though I believe the syllabus is full NCERT of class 11 and 12. Studying extremely well from NCERT books would give you dual advantage. It would help you a lot in both JEE Main and BITSAT. I believe, 80-90% of the BITSAT paper is very much from NCERT. So, going through NCERT books for BITSAT preparation is a way better option than going through any other book and getting deviated from the prescribed syllabus.

    • Give importance to English as well. Carrying 15 questions, this is the part where many of my friends faltered. Since most of us, give very much importance to PCM, we at times start thinking English as something of less significance than the three “main” subjects, and this is where we make mistake. To score well and get a decent score in BITSAT(by decent score, I mean 320+), it is very important to give English its due. To, practice English for BITSAT, solve previous year BITSAT papers and you may even buy Arihant’s book for BITSAT preparation. It may help you(I didn’t buy it but my friends did).

    • BITSAT requires speed more than logic. Yes, those who get involved in a BITSAT question, perhaps, aren’t able to perform well. Most of the BITSAT questions are formula based. So, it is better to learn formulas beforehand rather than applying logic during the exam. It gives you the lead over others. Also, practice problems in stipulated time and push yourself even harder in solving faster. What mater in BITSAT is the speed. Try to attempt mock papers with a pre-planned strategy. What strategy I followed was to solve Chemistry in the first 30 minutes(as it has questions which either you know or you don’t. There is no middle situation. Also, it helped me to gradually come in the examination mood and perform better in the rest two subjects which actually required much more application of mind than chemistry.) Then I used to solve Physics in 1–1.25 hours according to the questions(since physics was my favourite subject). At last, I used to solve Maths in the leftover time. Also, Please don’t prefer my exam strategy over your own.

    • Regarding the 12 bonus questions, I would say its upto you whether you want to attempt those or not. I had planned in my home to play safe and not to attempt those 12 bonus questions. But, during the exam, I started feeling to attempt those 12 questions. At the end of attempting all the questions which I knew(among those 150 questions), I still had about 1 hour left. So, I decided to attempt those 12 questions against my planned strategy. So, I made about 6–7 blind guesses(with some illogical approaches) and then solved 11 out of 12 bonus questions correctly. So, it helped me improve my score a lot. What I want to say is that it’s upto you whether you want to take risk or play safe. But, I believe, if you have to make just 7–8 or even 10 blind guesses and then you are confident of attempting the bonus questions correctly then I would suggest you to do so because those 12 questions are really very simple and, I suppose, of just JEE Main level. So, even if your 10 blind guesses are all wrong(though you perhaps may get atleast one out of 10 correct) and you attempt 10 out of 12 questions correctly then you have surely gained some marks because bitsat has just 1/4th negative marking.

    At the end I would advise to practice a lot of questions with a faster speed as well as better accuracy. You may solve previous year papers from Doubtnut or even buy Arihant book for BITSAT preparation as it would help you getting exposed to BITSAT type problems.

    If you have any doubts feel free to get them cleared from our Doubtnut app. You just need to send a picture of your doubt and we will provide you with a video solution instantly.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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