Which books did you follow in your drop year and what was your study strategy ?

  • Which books did you follow in your drop year and what was your study strategy ?

  • Well let me give you some background first. I was an average student for most of my school life.

    I scored 8.6 in my 10th class and 84% in my 12th class. This is quite an average score. Then i wasted my 11th and 12th class too and did not prepare for the JEE at all. So I had no other option but to drop an year.

    But after dropping an year, I somehow managed to get into the IIT and that too with CSE branch.

    So i will be sharing my strategy here, the way i studied and the books i followed in my drop year. That should give you an idea of what to do.

    NCERT books: The NCERT books are very very under rated. Let me tell you that these books are amazing when it comes to clearing your base. Sure they seem easy, but it’s easy that you want in the beginning to get a good enough base and concepts. So the first step is always to read your NCERT books.

    Books to be followed: Here are the books that I used for my practice. These are the books which i think are the best in the market right now.

    • Math: Arihant Publication, Cengage Publications, KC Sinha, ML Khanna
    • Chemistry: NCERT, NCERT exemplar
    • Physics: Resnick Halliday, HC Verma, DC Pandey

    Previous year papers: After solving all these books, you need to get familiar with the questions that have been asked in the paper in past. You need to check the level of the questions and the question should get printed in your brain so that if it is repeated by any chance, you can answer it and score 4 marks in that.

    Mock test series: It’s best if you can get some practice before actually solving the paper. So try and solve as many mock tests as possible. You need to realize that practice is more important than anything else in your preparation.

    This is the strategy to be followed.

    Also here are some tips that are definitely going to help you:

    • Clear all your doubts as soon as you have them.

    • Keep a calm mind.

    • Leave SOCIAL MEDIA for an year.

    • Give at least 2 hours to math everyday.

    • Do not be scared of chemistry. Make it your best friend.

    • Make up a good revision plan.

    I think all this will make sure that you definitely get a below 500 rank in your exam.

    All the best.

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