How do I score 350 in BITSAT 2017?

  • How do I score 350 in BITSAT 2017?

  • BITSAT does not try to trick you like the JEE mains exam. Instead, the questions are simpler and easy to answer. The only thing you need is speed and accuracy and that comes from practice. The more you practice, the higher you will score.

    So there are a few thing you need to follow and that will definitely help you reach a score you desire. Remember, it depends on how much work you are going to put in. So be ready to work hard.

    Read your NCERT books: Students often ignore the NCERT books thinking them to be too simple and useless. The case is just the opposite. If you follow the NCERT books, your base will be clear and your concepts will be strong as well. So i strongly advise you to follow the NCERT books as much as possible.
    Solve question banks: Once you are done with your NCERT books, its best to start solving some good question banks where the difficulty of the questions is good enough and you get a good number of questions. I recommend the HC Verma for physics and Arihant and cengage for math. NCERT is enough for chemistry. Try to solve online question banks for math too. Try the Doubtnut app. It has good questions on math and also solves most of your doubts.
    Previous year papers: Once you are done with the question banks, pick the previous year question papers and start solving them. Solve every possible question and if there is any question you are stuck on, do not leave it. Ask it from your teachers and of needed, put the question online for help. You can upload the snap of the question on Doubtnut. You will get the solution.
    Mock tests: You are well prepared now. So the only thing left to do is to start practicing so that you can improve your time and gain confidence. Follow the Arihant publications BITSAT for the mock tests. Online mock tests can be taken at the Doubtnut platform. The more you will practice your mock tests, the better your score will be.
    That’s all i can help you with. I hope it helps.

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