What should be my strategy to prepare for Technothlon?

  • What should be my strategy to prepare for Technothlon?

  • Technothlon.

    Technothlon is an international school championship organized by the students of IIT Guwahati. Technothlon began in 2004

    with an aim to ‘Inspire Young Minds’. Starting on its journey with a participation of 200 students confined to the city of Guwahati, over the next 12 years Technothlon has expanded its reach to over 300 cities all over India and various centers abroad.

    The contest is organized over 2 rounds: a written preliminary examination, Prelims (which takes place in numerous schools all over India in July) and Mains - which is conducted at IIT Guwahati, among the top 100 students from each IX-X(Junior Squad) and XI-XII(Hauts Squad) class students. It is a team-based event -- two students participate as a team, attempting the paper together and also participate in the Mains event as a team.

    Eligibility and participant selection process

    Technothlon is conducted for students of class IX to XII. There are two squads for which the examination is held. The first is the Junior squad and the second is the Hauts squad. For a student to appear in the Junior squad examination, he/she must be VIII class passed and must not have appeared for the X boards i.e. The students should be studying in IX or X STD. For a student to be appearing for the Hauts squad examination, he/she must have passed the X board examination and not appeared for the XII board examination. The members can belong to the same class or as well as different class. For example: a team consisting of one member from class IX and one of class X is perfectly acceptable. The basic requirements for team formation is that they should consist of exactly two members from the same squad and the same school.

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