How do I study for the IIT Mains and Advanced in 2021?

  • How do I study for the IIT Mains and Advanced in 2021?

  • Start solving your coaching modules and solve them sincerely and completely.
    Don't go fishing for books hooking in the market, they are just shining skylarks.
    It's very important to keep some reference books.
    Make notes.
    Revise resgulary. Best way to revise is mark some really great questions from each concept in your module and solve them weekly. Don't forget to revise your notes.
    Practise lots of mock tests.
    Have some time for yourself.
    There is no reason for you to be not the hardest working person in the room.
    Glowing is not a self evitable process, you need to set yourself on fire.
    And most important, Never leave any doubt uncleared.


    Leave Quora, Facebook, Whatsapp and any other social networking website. You would feel that I am being ridiculous. Believe me when you see all your friends uploading college selfies and writing about how cool life is you would curse yourself why you are studying the same old syllabus and everyone is enjoying life.
    Strict no to cyber cafe/movies they will only waste your time.
    Don't leave even a single class of your coaching work your ass off every minute of the day as if it was your last.
    Leave all the distractions because when next year comes you'll be proud that you did so well and gave everything you had.
    Always love and respect your parents they would be only ones to help you during your year as a dropper.

    About books I referred,


    1.Anyone of HCV/Resnick Halliday/University Physics
    2. NCERT
    3. Previous 40 years IITJEE Physics papers, chapterwise


    1. NCERT
    2. Previous 40 years IITJEE Mathematics papers, chapterwise


    1. NCERT(MUST)
    2. Previous 40 years IITJEE Chemistry papers, chapterwise

    Books for more problems-

    Physics- DC Pandey New Pattern Problems in Physics, Deb Mukherjee Objective Problems in Physics, DLP/class room material of a good coaching.

    Mathematics- Subjective problems by A Das Gupta, Arihant Skills in Mathematics Series, DLP of other coachings.

    Chemistry- P. Bahadur Problems in Physical Chemistry, Solomons and MS Chauhan Organic, and OP Tandon(for problems), and DLPs as always.

    Books for Olympiads/very good rank Irodov, Krotov in Physics, SL Loney(triginometry and Coordinate Geometry) for mathematics, and JD Lee, Paula Bruice for Chemistry. You must solve the Advanced Level questions of your coaching sheet too. Leave no stone unturned for this.

    First get reviews from people and Internet and then chose which books to consult and which not.

    If you don't go to coaching, better order a DLP from a good Coaching, or use books like Arihant Skill in Mathematics, etc. in Physics and Chemistry(easily available in Market) to prepare, and be regular. Joining an offline/online test series will always help.

    I scored 108/120 in Physics ( JEE MAINS 2016)

    My personal favorite were:

    HC Verma (for concepts)
    Cengage Publications (for questions)
    Resnick Halliday (for concepts)
    NCERT ( boards)
    DC Pandey ( questions)
    TO DOs:

    Make a list of all the chapters you have to go through
    Make a viable time table, and this time follow it.
    Study for at least 6–7 hours every day ( MINIMUM)
    Focus more on the questions rather than lengthy theories. Do not follow more than 2 books in case you are doing it on your own, and in case you are in a coaching centre, DLPs and a reference book will be enough.
    Work Hard

    This is the best and the most important tip anyone can give you. You must not give up in these two years. There will be many ups and downs in these two years. But you must remember that you will reach your destination if you don't give up. My best friend in class 11-12th was not very good at studies and did not perform well. But he kept on working and finally made it to an IIT. There can be no substitute for hard work.


    When you go to your coaching class, your teachers would be giving you some homework. Solve it on a daily basis. Do not rest before you solve it or before the day is over. Put your maximum effort. Same applies to tests. Try to solve the test to your fullest capabilities without worrying about the marks. Sit for the full length of the paper. Try to solve all the questions you could not solve during the test when you reach home. When in doubt consult the solution and solve the questions again without looking at the solution. Be consistent throughout your journey, and you are done.

    Many students tend to waste their holidays(summer break, Diwali break, etc.) Use that time well. We hardly get free time in these two years. It's not wise to waste it. Try covering backlogs in this time. Make a diary, write down what all you have in your mind and put it down in your diary. Make a schedule and follow it. Make sure that basic backlogs are removed first and then move on to advanced ones. These breaks can make a huge difference.

    Finally, I would like to say give a lot of tests and exams and put your best effort. This journey is very memorable, and make sure the memories turn out to be good.

    A planner for you!

    JULY TO SEPTEMBER of Class 11: Physics: Mathematical concepts used in Physics, Basic mechanics, stoichiometry. Physical Chemistry: atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table. Math: Algebra: number theory, progressions, quadratic equations.

    SEPTEMBER TO NOVEMBER of Class 11: Physics: mechanics, waves. Physical Chemistry: equilibrium, kinetics, heat, electrolysis, thermochemistry. Math: algebra, complex numbers, trigonometry.

    NOVEMBER to DECEMBER of Class 11: Physics: fluid mechanics, heat, gravitation. Inorganic Chemistry: gas laws, properties and metallurgy of metals and non metals. Math: analytic geometry, binomial theorem, permutations and combinations.

    DECEMBER TO MARCH: Physics: Electricity and Electrostatics. Chemistry: solutions, solids, electrochemistry, transition metals, qualitative analysis. Math: differentiation and integration.Physics: optics, magnetism, modern physics. Organic Chemistry. Math: vectors, differential equations, probability.

    MARCH to the END: Revision

    I know dude, its gonna be hectic, but your sufferings will be worth it.

    Always picture the day results will come, and you making into IIT, and your parents reaction.

    And about the promotion, 😛


    They upload (content development team)at least 1 video daily on their Youtube channel. You will find certain facts and figures about JEE Mains and ADVANCED too.

    We also have a app, link of which is given below, this will directly take you to the app camera page ( in case you have it, or app installation page in case you don't)

    Doubtnut IIT JEE Mains Advanced, NCERT Math Doubts - Check it once.

    Also, about the app.

    Try the Doubtnut app. It’s a doubt clearing app. All you need to do here is take a snap of the question that you have a doubt in and upload it on the app. You will receive a video solution for it within seconds. If the solution of your question is not available, you can ask the experts and they will make the solutions available within 24 hours.

    There are over 10,00,000 question solutions on the app. You also get lot of study material for grades 6th to 12th and for your JEE Mains and Advance preparation. You just need to select the class on the app and you get the required study material.

  • Well JEE Advanced exam is one of the toughest exams in India, and getting a good rank in this is kind of a difficult task. If you have been preparing for the exam before, then you might be aware of how big the task is right? So to get a better rank, you just need to do those things again which you think you did wrong before. I got a decent rank in first attempt, so i will share with you what I did and you can follow the same. I hope it will help you.

    Refresh your base: It’s best if you can refresh your base again befoire starting the preparation. So try and read your NCERT books. Since you are preparing again, you might already know what is to be read and what can be skipped. So just try and read as many NCERT books as possible.
    Solve better question banks: I don’t know which books have you solved already and which books are yet to be solved, so here are my picks for the books which i think you should solve for a good preparation:
    Math: Arihant Publications, Cengage Publications, KC Sinha, ML Khanna
    Physics: Theory from Resnick Halliday, Problems from HC Verma and DC Pandey
    Chemistry: NCERT Exemplar, any practice book
    Be better at chemistry: Chemistry is one subject which is easy in the Advanced exam, and i think you can even score 90% marks in it. So it’s best if you are awesome at chemistry because that is going to boost your score and therefore, your rank for sure.
    Solve your Doubts: See when you solve question banks, you are bound to face questions which you might not be able to solve. You cannot leave those questions hanging. You need to clear those. So when you face such a question in math, take a snap of that question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. It’s a Doubt clearing app. You will get a video solution of the question within seconds.
    Previous year papers: The best way to get familiar with the type of questions that are asked in the exam is to solve some previous year papers. They will give you a good practice of the questions that have been asked in the previous years and will sure give you some confidence. The previous year JEE Mains papers are available on the Doubtnut app as well.
    Mock test papers: Finally, all you need are some mock test papers for your practice. When you solve some mock test papers, you get a familiar with the a lot more questions and it tells you where you are weak and will also tell you your strengths. You can work over it accordingly. The mock test papers are available on the app as well.


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