How can students benefit from Technothlon?

  • How can students benefit from Technothlon?

  • Doubtnut to be the Title Sponsor of Technothlon to be held on July 14th organized by IIT-G Campus

    First organized in 2004 by Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati, Technothlon is an enthralling international school championship of mental aptitude, dexterity and logical skills. Identifying the critical need for sincere technical exposure and true inventiveness amidst the present day academics followed in the schools, Technothlon today has become a riveting event which facilitates a germane platform to expose students to scientific innovation and sheer creativity. With the aim of “Inspiring Young Minds,” it helps in promoting rational thinking amongst the students over tenacious academic cramming. With all its simplicity and sophistication it is now held in more than 500 centers of India and various centers abroad. The winners of Technothlon 2019 from each squad will receive a guided tour of NASA and the runners up will receive a guided tour of ISRO.

    Doubtnut is the first time title sponsor of Technothlon 2019. Being India’s top e-learning platform, we’re committed to promote intellectual learning, logical thinking, overall dexterity; a vision that is shared by means of Technothlon 2019. Doubtnut would be endorsing various Technothlon championship competitions at all the levels. This will be the 16th edition of Technothlon. The two-stage competition will take place on July 14, 2019, at various centers located in India and abroad. Team Doubtnut appeals students to participate in Technothlon 2019 and also wishes “Good Luck” to all the participants

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    You must participate in Technothlon 2019: Here is why?

    Technothlon – is the ultimate test of logic. It is a contest designed to test the logical thinking, creativity, and imagination of the participants. Listed below are some of its benefits –

    1. The contest boosts the intellectual development of the students.

    2. It provides learning opportunity from the IIT fraternity.

    3. It involves the development of proper teamwork amongst the participants.

    4. Students will explore the fun involved in the learning experience in the Technothlon events.

    5. Participants can attend the workshops and fun events to spend the night.

    6. Best chance to attend the Lecture Series of prominent personalities.

    7. Enjoy the Pronite performances.

    GRAND PRIZE: A Guided Tour to NASA.

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