What is the application process for Technothlon?

  • What is the application process for Technothlon?


    To Register for Technothlon-

    Technothlon Prelims: July 14, 2019

    Technothlon Mains: First week of September

    All the interested candidates can easily register themselves for the Technothlon 2019. There are two modes of registration: Online and offline.

    For Online Registration:

    To register for Technothlon, a team must have two members, and both the participating students need to be from the same school/institution and same squad.

    Click on the link:

    Technothlon | IIT Guwahati for registration. You will be charged with one-time non-refundable fees for participation.

    For Offline Registration:

    Interested candidates can register offline as well for Technothlon. Since Technothlon has its centers and representatives in various cities. For offline registration, your city representatives are responsible to collect fees and forms. Also, the partaking schools can also collect the registration fees and then draw up a demand draft to be handed over to the city reps.

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  • To participate in Technothlon, you need to register on Technothlon’s official website.

    Visit this link:


    Registrations for residents outside India have been closed now for this year but registration for Indian residents are still open.

    There is a registration fee for Rs. 150. You have to participate in groups of two.

    You will be allotted a center in your city for Prelims. If you qualify Prelims, you will be eligible for Mains exam which is held in IIT Guwahati in the first week of September.


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