What are the exam centers for Technothlon 2019?

  • What are the exam centers for Technothlon 2019?

  • The Prelims Round:

    It takes place in all over India in the month of July. As announced by IIT-G, it is to be held on July 14th in all the partaking schools. Prelims round has no definite syllabus. It is an overall written exam that solely tests students based on their logical and analytical thinking abilities. The exam is of 2 hours and 30 minutes of length. The question paper will have different sections including maths, brainteasers, code crunchers and much more. The marking scheme will be unique for every section. The team members can discuss the question paper as both the students are given a common Question paper and answer sheet. The questions are aimed to accurately test the intellect and problem solving capabilities of the contestants.

    The Mains Round:

    Conducted by the IIT-G itself mains round is based on a competition. The top 50 qualifying teams from both junior and hauts squad are invited for the final round – Mains which is held in “Techniche” the Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati. It is held during the 1st week of September. The qualifying teams compete against each other in several events. There is no specific syllabus criterion for mains events. Besides, any additional expertise required is trained to the students by the IIT fraternity itself at the campus. Every year novice events are designed to keep the fun factor going on. In the previous years, the Mains championship at IIT-G has seen events like Air Crash Investigation, A Little Bid, Braking Bad, Fluxo de Energia etc. The winners are selected based on their performance in these events.

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