How do I manage 12th class and IIT without coaching?

  • How do I manage 12th class and IIT without coaching?

  • One of the most challenging problems JEE Aspirants face is when they pass out from class 10 as that’s when the real battle begins.

    The dilemma of whether they should continue with the regular schooling or go for a dummy school is the toughest. From the past few years, JEE Preparation has become mainly coaching centralized. Many aspirants thus, opt for a dummy school which gives them the benefit of low attendance among various others. But if you have continued with regular schooling and despite having a coaching or not are looking for a “JEE Preparation Time Table”, then my answer is just for you.

    JEE Preparation is a big marathon and not a 100m sprint. So, practically it is nearly impossible to complete the deadlines on a daily basis. You should instead set goals on a weekly basis and then work upon them rigorously and religiously too. But following this strategy doesn’t imply that you study hard say for 3-4 days a week and then relax on the weekends.

    JEE Preparation is all about consistency, persistence and hard work. You must study on daily basis but should set targets on a weekly basis because in case we aren’t able to meet the deadline and say this happens for 2-3 days in a row, then the work keeps on piling up and this adds on to our frustration leading to stress and most importantly demotivation.

    A JEE Aspirant should always try to make his/her preparation fun because studying for 6-9 hours daily for 2 years according to a proper JEE preparation time table is certainly not possible. As then eventually, you will end up following only the breaks in the time table!!! So, basically there should not be a hard and fast time table as such, but yes you should be very serious about achieving the weekly goals.

    Smart work wins over hard work

    The routine of a regular school-going JEE Aspirant is jam-packed. You need to act very smartly and utilize your time in an effective way. One of the most important factors that will have a large impact on your performance is “Time management”. If you know how to manage your time well, half of the battle is already won, YES it’s true, don’t believe me? Continue reading.

    Generally, in schools, there is a 75% attendance rule with at least two weekends off in a month. So you should plan your “school going days” accordingly. Certainly, to some extent there is unnecessary time consumption in some lectures in school, but on the contrary, the biggest plus point for a regular school-going JEE Aspirant is that they have a well-planned and moreover, ORGANIZED routine which is very necessary.

    Firstly, you have to calculate the number of days you need to go to school to be on par with the 75% attendance rule. We have Physics and Chemistry practicals in school in class 11th and 12th, and attending them is obviously important. So, you should mark those practical days on the calendar and go to the school positively on those specific days. Then, you can pick up the remaining one/two working day and study on those days at home or your coaching institute. This type of strategy will help you in utilizing your time effectively.

    A serious JEE Aspirant should focus on utilizing every single minute. You should try to practice problems and study in the free time you get in school. It may happen that your school teachers and friends may comment on you, but you are on a much bigger mission, so these things should not bother you.

    We are humans and not a machine. Our mind does need some rest as well. After coming from school, you should prefer taking a nap followed by light snacks because taking care of health is of utmost importance too! You will be able to deliver at 100% efficiency only if you are healthy.

    Generally, Coaching Classes are on alternate days with Test/Exams held on the weekends hence, the evening time is gone in attending these classes. But self-study is a must too. So, after you come home from coaching, have your dinner, and then try to give 1-2 hours for revising things taught in class and completing school homework.

    It is very important to properly utilize the weekends and days on which there is no coaching class. On such days, you should devote maximum amount of your time for studies. In evening, try to study for say 4 hours, followed by a dinner break and relaxing conversation with family members. After the break, you should have the second session of studies, for say 2-3 hours again.

    You should study hard on the weekends. After giving the tests held at coaching centers and doing their analysis, devote the remaining time for self-study. Always try to give 8-9 hours to studies on weekends because of course, a major part of your competition i.e. dummy school students have all 7 days as their holiday. So you should be ready to put in more hard work and sincere efforts, to cope with the excessive load.

    Managing the sleeping time again plays a very important role. It all depends on different individuals that whether he/she prefers late night studies or the early morning ones. Anyway, you should take a minimum of 6-hour sound sleep every day. It can be taken in either of the two slots, say 12:30-6:30 or 11:00-05:00, whichever suits you along with a short power nap in the daytime. But, a check on sleeping hours is a must.

    Some Important Aspects

    Friend Circle

    A student spends most of his/her time with friends in school or coaching classes. If your best friend or other friends, too, are preparing for JEE, you would never feel like you have been studying for a day or that you are not enjoying with friends. Your companionship matters a lot. So choose your friends wisely i.e. those who study with you seriously, or discuss JEE related stuff with you, ultimately helping you to stay focused.

    Overcoming Distractions

    You seriously need to maintain a distance from Social Media, Computer Games, Television, Relationships or any other similar stuff. One can say that these activities act as a stress buster or help in socializing but they deviate us from our goal in one or the other unknown ways largely because our mind is too unsteady. So, you should avoid wasting too much of your time on watching TV, browsing social media or any other stuff.

    For a change in routine, you can always have some relaxing moments. These things certainly need to be a part of JEE Preparation Time Table as well. To remain motivated and to put constant efforts, a little refreshment or change is always needed. For example, a short conversation with closed ones or maybe an early morning walk in a nearby garden.

    Keep your JEE preparation timetable such that you do not over-strain yourself. However, do not be very easy going too. While huge stress is bad for health, a little stress is actually beneficial. So try to keep your day as tightly packed as possible, but also keep some time for play and refreshing your mind, which will get exhausted because of excess work. Keep your health the first priority.

    Some people tend to sleep very less, which is detrimental both for their health and JEE preparation. Always study with a fresh mind, because then you will be able to work efficiently and your grasping ability will be higher as compared to when you are feeling dull while studying.

    At last, it’s your own decision to compete in JEE, so you should keep a check on yourself and stay focused. If you adhere to these suggestions, you will definitely enjoy your JEE Preparation and come up with Flying Colors. Stay Motivated, Stay Happy and you will nail it

    All The Best!!!

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