Is it beneficial to take the IITJEE second attempt?

  • Is it beneficial to take the IITJEE second attempt?

  • It depends.

    If you spend your drop year procrastinating and wasting your time, it will be of no use to you at all. And there might be a chance of you scoring even lower than what you scored in the last one.

    Or, you might go all in, use your time precisely and wisely, and believe me, you will come out of it with flying colors.

    As far as some myths are concerned, I will list them out.

    Freshers have an advantage over droppers during the placements in college.
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    Believe me, there is no such discrimination on the basis of drop year. All of them are treated equally. Also, for higher studies, if you belong to a good college and have a good academic record along with extra curricular activities in your college, no one cares about your drop year.

    So, all I wanted to point out is the fact that it doesn't matter if you are a fresher or a dropper.

    But, do remember to use your time wisely so that one year of your life do not go in vain.

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