How can I crack the JEE with self studying ?

  • How can I crack the JEE with self studying ?

  • Clearing any exam with only self study is kind of a big task and will be very difficult too. So I would highly recommend you to join some coaching. That should make your life much easier. However, if you are stuck at clearing it with self study, then i should definitely guide you through it. I myself dropped an year and prepared through self study, so here is an action plan that i recommend you to follow, the one which i followed.

    Build your base: Building your base is the first step before any exam preparation. You need to be good with all the concepts first before you can move onto the JEE level questions. So try to finish up the reading of your NCERT books first. They are going to be great for your base and also, they will give you enough knowledge to tackle the questions.

    Solve good question banks: Solving the right books in your preparation is kind of important too. You need to pick the books which strengthen your base even further and give you a good amount of question practice. These are the ones i recommend:

    • Math: Arihant Publications, Cengage Publications, KC Sinha, ML Khanna
    • Physics: Resnick Halliday (for theory), HC Verma, DC Pandey
    • Chemistry: NCERT Exemplar, any practice book

    Clearing your Doubts: I have seen many students who are sloppy with there work and leave the questions which they do not understand. The difference between the ones who get a 3 digit rank and the ones who just clear the exam is this step. You cannot leave the doubtful questions unanswered. So if you face such a question, just take a snap of the question and upload it on the Doubtnut app. You will receive a video solution of the question.

    Previous year papers: Now you need to be familiar with all the questions that have been asked in the JEE exam before. You need to be familiar with the pattern and the topics on which they ask the questions. So solving the previous 10 years papers is the best way to do so. You can find the last 10–15 years papers on the Doubtnut app.

    Mock test papers: The last and final thing you need to do is solve the mock test papers. You need a lot of practice of paper solving before you can actually appear for the paper. So mock test papers are the best way to do so.

    Analyze your mistakes: Again, this is an important step. What you need to do is, after you solve a mock test paper, check the paper again and the questions that were wrong, or the questions that you left, just try and solve them. If you can’t solve them, ask them. But you have to cover those. You cannot make the same mistake in the exam.

    This is all done with self study. You can follow this and you will be sure of cracking the exam. I hope this will help you.

    All the best.

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