Which colleges accept JEE mains rank ?

  • Which colleges accept JEE mains rank ?

  • Apart from the NIT colleges, there are many colleges that consider the JEE Mains rank for admission. You can get a full list of all those colleges on the Doubtnut website. All you need to do there is enter your rank, your state and your category, and you will get all the colleges you are eligible for.

    And remember, you do not need to be stuck on getting an admission into any Government college. There are some private colleges too like the Thapar, or Jaypee, or YMCA that consider the JEE mains score, and have some good enough placements. you can even get the good branches in these private colleges. You do not need to be hung on getting a NIT.


    Try this college predictor. This should help you out.

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