What should I do for gate preparation ?

  • What should I do for gate preparation ?

  • See one thing which ever the department you might be I would say that your degree certificate has no industrial importance unless you are from premium institutes like IIT or NIT or some top private deemed universities.

    GATE is a platform to prove yourself about your calibre in your respective subject knowledge

    And the other opportunities through GATE are Public sector undertakings and masters degree in your engineering department in India from IIT IISc and NIT and many top private universities

    And also a proper channel to enter into NITIE where you can do industrial engineering courses for establishing your own ventures.

    In your course of preparation you should first get full clarity on the syllabus of GATE paper which you wish to attempt.


    Here is some important tips for GATE preparation:

    • First you should know about the syllabus of your stream so download the syllabus from official GATE website. And take a printout and put it on your study table.

    • Don’t get nervous about the length of the syllabus. Study regularly then you will find it easy.

    • Analyse at least last 15 years GATE question papers. See which topics are more important and what type of questions they ask.

    • Now you know which topics are more important so you can dedicate more time on that topics but don’t skip the other topics.

    • Study the every sections from the standard books only.

    • First study the sections which you find easier so you can developed your interests.

    • During the preparation you should make short notes so you can revise frequently.

    • Solve at least last 15 years questions.

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  • You can crack gate if you are preparing with a good strategy and plan in mind and also working hard to execute the plan you made for the preparation.

    Here are some tips that will help you in preparing for GATE and creating a good plan for cracking it:

    • First thing you should do is to collect the syllabus of your branch. Analyse the whole syllabus, read it five times so that topics get into the subconscious level of your mind and when you turn the pages of any book you get a lot of idea what to read and what not to read.

    • Once you are done with syllabus now your focus should be on collecting materials and books. If you have joined any coaching, first go through the notes provided by them thoroughly once or twice and move to previous year questions of that particular subject. If you are able to solve 50-60% questions in 1st attempt then you are moving on right path. While solving questions mark the difficult ones and any tricky questions you come across. Now again Go back to your notes and revise it once again.this time keep a standard book of the subject with you. Where ever required go to the book and read the topic. write that thing in your notes. Read those topics only from books which are not in your notes and is required to solve the problem. Again go back to question bank You are able to solve almost all the questions now. After this...Prepare a short notes of max 20 page a subject. In it write all the formulae and concepts you learnt while solving problems.

    • Keep doing it for all the subjects. Once you are finished with your syllabus. Again solve the question bank. Do it at least 5 times before exam.

    • If you don’t have a coaching, either you can manage the notes of any good coaching and follow the same pattern or you can opt for self study. In this have two books of a subject- one standard book second supportive book. Read all the topics from standard book and take the help of supportive one if any particular topic in standard book is not clearly stated. Though this method will require an early start of preparation.

    • Read only that much what you can revise. Keep revising your short notes. Opt for test series and read your short notes every time before you go for full length tests. This way you will revise your short notes at least 20 times before Gate exam.

    • While giving tests, maintain real exam environment. Cheating means you are cheating yourself. Also write down your mistakes in tests in a separate notebook and keep on visiting them time to time. It will enhance your merit. Write even small things in this notebook, where you found yourself at fault during tests.

    • Productive group study is also very much helpful.

    • Lastly, regular study and practice is key to the success.

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    Hope this helps.

    All the best !!!

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