What are the best sites for free IIT JEE preparation doubt clearing?

  • What are the best sites for free IIT JEE preparation doubt clearing?

  • See there are 2 things. One is preparing for the exam and the other is clearing your doubts. There are apps which do either the former or the later or both. There are many apps on play store that can do the former and do a really good job at it.

    Take Byju’s for instance. It is great for preparation purpose and it explains the concepts really nicely, but when you have a doubt, there is very little help available. So you need something that can do both for you. Moreover you need something that does it for free.

    I recommend the Doubtnut app. When i was preparing for my exam, i used this app and I was really satisfied. The explanation is great. They provide mock tests, previous year papers, paper analysis and a lot more. If you have doubt in any question, just take a snap and upload it on the platform. You will receive a video solution to your problem within a few seconds. It’s easy and really helpful.

    Give it a try and i hope it will help.

  • Questions sometimes become irritating especially when we are doing self study and face doubts and there is no one to solve those doubts. At that time, we sometimes lose the interest in subject.

    Try Doubtnut.

    Doubtnut has taken an worth-appreciating initiative to solve this problem. It has launched a whatsapp number:

    8400 400 400 .

    You just have to send the picture of your maths doubt and a whatsapp bot will connect to you instantly and provide you with the video solution of your queries.Believe me , nothing can beat this. It’s the best.


  • While preparing for Joint Entrance Engineering (JEE) examination students need simple and instant doubt solution for maths questions and physics numerical, or getting their concepts cleared in chemistry. Students need swift and precise doubt clearance.

    Doubtnut is one of the best websites to get your JEE doubts cleared.

    Doubtnut has put a full stop on student’s struggle with the doubts during their preparation. It presents you with self-explanatory, clutter-free, and step-by-step video solutions to accelerate your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation.

    Doubtnut is a multi lingual online learning platform. On Doubtnut’s Android or Web study app, students can find the answer to a question by simply clicking the image of the question on the app. The application uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to decipher the question from the image and consequently serve the corresponding video solution from Doubtnut’s library. The company has created one of the world’s largest library of curriculum specific educational Maths content videos. The app can read questions written in 12 Indian Langauages including English. It has more than 1 lakh maths video solutions. Video solutions of questions from maths books such as RD SHARMA, NCERT , RS AGGARWAL, CENGAGE etc is also available in our app. On Doubtnut app you can find solutions for all your Homework. Our app also provides IIT JEE solutions for class 12 maths solved by experts IITians as per CBSE guidelines.

    Our subject matter experts of IIT cadre have eloquently prepared and curated IIT JEE Study Materials that lucidly covers every important topic and sub-topic of IITJEE Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. The IIT Online Course should be more than sufficient for you to crack your JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination in the very 1st attempt and secure a rank amongst the JEE toppers. Repeated practice with our IITJEE Study Materials will surely hone your JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation.

    Apart from Doubtnut here are some of the websites that will help you in clearing your JEE Doubts:

    • Meritnation

    • Ask IITIAN

    • QUORA

    • Aglasem

    • Extramarks

    • Careers360

    In my opinion Doubtnut and Quora are the best doubt clearing forums where you will get solutions to all your doubts, other forums will not have that much content in comparison to these two and on Doubtnut you will get a response instantly while on other forums you will have to wait for a few days to get your doubts cleared.
    So give doubtnut a try and I guarantee you that you wont be disappointed.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts and remember,

    We at Doubtnut are always there to clear your doubts 🙂

  • There are many. Consistency on one of them would be the best way to find consistent solutions of your problems. When you familiarize yourself with one good app or website you can frequently get your questions in lesser amount of time becau7se you are already familiar with the time frames and how it all actually works.

    There are many online portals, applications, website. Some of them are:


    Doubnut, as the name suggests, is a place where you can solely get your doubts solved. Doubnut is an app, a website, and a forum, where you can get your doubts, solved almost instantly. All you need to do is to click the picture of your IIT/JEE Physics, chemistry or mathematics. When you click the picture of your doubt, you upload it on the app and the experts from doubtful will carefully evaluate your questions and will provide you with the answer and the best-detailed solution of the question. You can always ask any class or IIT/JEE Physics, Chemistry and mathematics doubts. Up recently doubt has started adding chapter-wise and subject wise complete revision videos as well as notes of all the JEE topics for the JEE main and advance 2020.

    All you need to do is to install the app, fill in the required details, sign up and Voila you are now completely validated to use the app and put it to the maximum benefit of yourself.

    We all have been through the same roads and we all know how hard can doubts could be during the preparation of India's one of the most prestigious exam IIT/JEE. It is most important that our doubts too get solved hand to hand so that we don't have to stay stuck on one random question or concept for long.

    There are other things you can do to clear your doubts too:

    They can do the following things:

    Consult your school teachers.

    Or go for the closest person you know can help.

    Looo#k forward for an online platform like (DOUBTNUT) Mathematics Solutions For CBSE, ICSE, IIT JEE & CENGAGE Preparation || Doubtnut where you can get all your doubts solved by JEE experts instantly.

    Cheers and Love


  • After a good and thorough research, and analysing numbers of edu-tech apps, I can very easily and confidently say that Doubtnut app is the one of the best app you could have access to prepare for “the biggest thing there is” JEE Mains and Advance. I have found Doubtnut app to extremely helpful with all the conceptual difficulties, and the way you get your doubts cleared on this portal is just something else. Instant replies to your doubts with methods easy to understand and well explained by the teachers, certainly helps a student to overcome any difficulty whatsoever.

    Doubtnut provides assistance on WhatsApp as well where you can just click a picture of your doubt and upload it on the number 8400400400 and you receive a video solution for your query within seconds. Compare Doubtnut with any other similar portal, let it be Byjus, unacademy, Vedantu or any other for that matters, none of these comes even close to the kind of content Doubtnut provides to its students, while watching any of the Doubtnut video you can very easily figure out, how dedicated teachers are towards their job, along with it Doubtnut app has the most user friendly interface and quick links on the panel makes it very easy for any user to be able to study without losing any concentration and focus while figuring out the functioning of the app.

    Things to keep in mind while selecting a website for your doubts.

    Accuracy: In any online app the first and the most important thing is to be sure of the fact that the content being provided to you is the right content which you are looking at. For any student it becomes the matter of life and death, wrong way of guidance can certainly harm any of the student’s confidence, rhythm and will power, everything a student has worked very hard to get. Most app you see today lure students by cheesy and catchy advertisement into the scam they are running. It is very important to be sure of the content you receive, and Doubtnut certainly provides you with that assurance of data being accurate.

    Timely Reply: Imagine yourself studying at your home on a Sunday and you are totally into the zone of studying with total concentration and you know whatever you will do today is surely going to retain in your mind because of the way you have been studying today, and then you have your encounter with one doubt, a doubt you can do nothing about you don’t have access to your teacher and none of your friends can actually help you and you posted your doubt online but do you have your answers in minutes?, the more you wait for your answer, you are getting more distracted with everything and to get through an exam one must know the value of time, so before you set your mind on any site or app make sure how fast you will receive your answer, otherwise you might getting that much distracted that you decide you take a break from it.

    What Other Does The Portal Offers: you can not just depend on your traditional ways to learn and execute things, because JEE is getting more and more competitive every year, for past few years, the way students learn have changed along with the content and methods, nowadays teachers expect students to know things beforehand and which I think have boom the competition in the field. Now when you select any app for your study what else can you get from it to keep you ahead of the competition, make sure to choose a portal that not only helps you with your doubts but can provide you with other services like practice booklets or online lectures to keep you updated and ahead of the competition.

    What Kind Of Mediums Are Used to Explain Your Doubts: Imagine you sent your doubt to the portal you selected and then you get back replies where you can not figure out steps like for example you clicked a photograph of your doubt and uploaded on the doubt portal and in reply they too clicked a picture and sent it to you as your answer, now technically you have the answer to the question you wanted but do you have your concept clear?, NO, you don’t because you still don’t know the application of that particular concept in that questions, therefore it becomes really important to have answer where you are not only explained with the questions but also with the concept.

    Doubtnut not only checks all these boxes but it is also free and which makes it easier for you pocket, along with being easily accessible, the content and the quick service provided by them makes it one of the best app for being your study companion.

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