Is the class 12 preparation sufficient to crack the IIT Advanced?

  • Is the class 12 preparation sufficient to crack the IIT Advanced?

  • The simple answer is no. You need a lot more practice to clear an exam like the JEE Advanced. If it was the Mains exam, then it was OK. You could have scored around 200 with just a little more practice, but Advanced is a different story. You need a lot of practice for that.

    The advanced exam tests your depth of concepts. It will mix 2–3 concept topics and ask you a question which is bound to confuse you. So if you have practiced for these advanced level questions, only then can you solve all these questions in the exam.

    So if your concepts are good, basics are clear, then you can surely go for the action plan i am going to tell you for your preparation. You will score good marks for sure.

    Previous year papers: Solve as many previous year papers as possible. Solving previous year papers will boost your confidence and give you an idea about the exam. There will be many questions that you might not be able to solve. Do not leave them. Solve them all. This will give you a good clarity of the concept. If there is any question that you might not be able to solve, try online previous year paper solutions. They will help.

    Mock tests: There are many online platforms that will give you mock tests where you can analyze your performance and score and learn from your mistakes. Try the Doubtnut platform for both, the previous year papers and the mock tests.
    Analyze your mistakes: Solving mock tests is ok. But you need to analyze where you went wrong too. You need to see what all mistakes did you make and correct those. Look for online solutions if needed. But do not leave those questions.

    NCERT: Before the exams, do not forget to read your NCERT books once. They will be a big asset and help you to revise all you basics again.
    Apart from your 12th class preparation, this should help you to score well in you JEE advanced exam.

    I hope it helps.

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