How should I study physics for class 12?

  • How should I study physics for class 12?

  • First of all, wishing you a very best of luck for your Class 12 board exams and for your future.

    Well, coming to the question, you are asking how you should prepare Physics for your boards. In this answer,I will try my best to give you a good way to succeed in your boards.

    Physics, is, was and always will be a big subject to all Science students appearing for board exams. The main reason for this is that the topic you have to study is a bit vast, and you need a good strategy to nail it.

    Some points which should be mind during prepration of physics:-

    • Read NCERT textbook thoroughly with understanding. Solve all the questions in it. Document the answers for future reference.

    • Solve last 10-12 years questions from each chapter. Document the answers for future reference.

    • Refer some help book as a guide to solve questions. The more questions you solve more will be your grasp for the topic.

    • Make a notes notebook where you can write points or formulas for quick reference.

    • Revise throughout the year. Whatever you read has to be revised within 1 day then 1 week then 1 month then between 2-6 months. So make sure you revise.

    Some best books of physics which i recommend:-

    1. HC VERMA
    3. DC PANDEY
    5. PRADEEP
    6. IE IRODOV
    7. ALLEN
    8. FITJEE


    • Coaching Classes: I don't really suggest a coaching class if you don't require it. Self study is the key to every success. You don't require any stupid achiever to teach you 'magic tricks' for physics. Yet, you should join the coaching classes, if you don't understand whats taught at school, or if you wish to prepare for entrance exams or if you find the subject difficult ! Coaching should not be for teaching, it should be for doubt solving (for XII level).

    • Online stuff: YOUTUBE has tons of helpful preparatory stuff. Every chapter in detail. Lectures, questions, solved question papers, concepts, animated material and much more for FREE. Its not only youtube but various other sites that offer FREE preparation material, FREE questions and answers, FREE videos like DOUBTNUT.

    • Apps: There apps like topper notes, Class 12, and many more (use google!), that assist you FREE of cost. They are simply aids that keep you into the subject. also u can go DOUBTNUT for free of cost .

    • Self Study: This something essential. Self study is the essential time you give to yourself to absorb all the black/blue ink on that paper! It, afterall, is the only way to success. Make sure you devote at least 6-7 Hrs to self study each day. Out of these, 2-2.5 should be for physics. Do Physics everyday and you will fall in love with it.

    wish u better luck 🙂

  • Class 12th physics is nothing that you need to be worried about. It’s easy and only a matter of how much time and effort you are ready to give to it.

    I gave my board exams way back and my physics score was 95. So i guess i can suggest you on how to study physics.

    Watch this video here. It will break down the marks of each topic and give you an idea on how you should start preparing.

    If you have listened to what is being taught in class and also you have the notes, they should do it. But since you have asked the question, I should provide you with a solution to it.

    So start by preparing the topics which have the highest weightage.

    Follow only your NCERT books. No need to go for extra books.

    Get a book of sample papers. Evergreen samples papers are good. They are little difficult but you will find them really helpful. So go for them.

    Previous year papers will also be a big help.

    I hope this helps.

  • Physics is one of the important subject in Science stream and it is also very much important while
    preparing for various competitive exams and hence it is essential to prepare it from the very beginning.
    Understanding the concepts and applying them in the provided situation can improve your analytical as
    well as logical thinking. Here are some of the important tips helpful for preparing Physics in class 12

    Some Impostant topics in Physics in Class 12 are:
    2.Atoms and nuclei
    3.Electronic Devices
    5.Communication Systems
    6.Dual nature of matter

    Some of the important topics and their weightage in Physics, for CBSE Board exams are:
    Optics – The unit is of 14 marks in the examination
    Electrostatics, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetic effects of current of 8 marks each in the
    Electromagnetic Induction and alternating current and current electricity of 8 marks and 7 marks in the
    Electronic Devices is of 7 marks while atoms and nuclei is of 6 marks
    Tips for Exam preparation
    1.Make Notes
    Students should build a habit of making notes while studying. In this manner, they will prepare notes for
    each chapter which will help during the exam . Students will able to revise the Physics concepts just by
    having a glance at it.
    2.Topic Wise Strategy
    Students who are weak in mathmatics and solving the numerical problems must concentrate on the theory
    chapters such as Communication, Electromagnetic waves and, Dual nature of radiation and matter, Atom,
    Nuclei and Wave optics. These chapters are theoretical and students can score more marks in these
    chapters. So, always concentrate on these chapters while preparing. Also, they can focus on Devices like
    as Galvanometer, Cyclotron, Potentiometer, Transformer, Meter Bridge and AC generator as it constitutes

    the theory part.
    Students who like to solve the numerical problems must focus on the first part of Physics syllabus which
    consists of chapters like Electric charge and fields, Electrostatic potential and capacitance, Current
    electricity, Moving charge and magnetism etc. They should study the chapter depending upon the
    weightage of marks allocated to it.
    3. Make a Proper Study Plan
    Students should prepare a daily study schedule in which minimum one hour should be allocated to
    Physics subject. While making the schedule, students should take some time to analyze their past
    preparation and find out the topics in which they are weak and strong. This will help them to prioritize
    their preparation for the exam. The study schedule should be time-bound . This will create positive
    pressure in students and help in completing the tasks effectively.
    4. Preparation Strategy Few Months Before the Exam
    There are two major things that help students in last-minute preparation when they are left with 1 or 2
    months for the exam.
    a) Revision:
    Revision is the very important part of physics as the students have to deal with a lot of formulas and
    derivations in each unit. Once a chapter is completed, it is advised to revise that chapter first before
    moving onto the next chapter. This will help in having a strong foundation in the subject as the every
    topics are interrelated. Students must go through the syllabus once again during revision time to check if
    any topic has not been left.
    b) Self Evaluation:
    The best way to evaluate the exam preparation level is by solving the different types of Physics class 12
    past year papers and sample papers. After attempting a single paper, give some time for self-evaluation.
    Students must go through the answer sheet and check where they have committed mistakes and how it
    can be improved. Work on those areas to improve the performance in the board exam. In case of any
    doubt then they should clear it with their teacher.
    5. Practice
    The more students will practice, the more will be their chances of scoring good marks. Students should
    make sure that they have solved the minimum six to seven past years’ Physics class 12 papers. This will
    provide a good understanding of the exam pattern as well as the type of questions asked in the Physics
    paper. During the exam, students must use the question paper reading time to decide the sequence of
    questions that they are going to follow. It is always advised that the students first start with the 5 mark

    Tips for scoring high marks
    During the physics exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical
    illustrations wherever possible. It enhances more visibility.
    Scan the paper twice before answering
    For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a structure of the answer in the margin.
    Be crisp and to the point in short questions.
    Good Physics Books for preparation
    1.NCERT books for physics are very important . They are the official books for the CBSE chemistry.
    Cphysics part 1 and part 2 for Rs 120 and Rs 100 cover everything in the syllabus..

    2.Modern abc of physics by Satish K. Gupta. A little on the steep side, for Rs 690, but covers everything
    in depth, including the numerical parts.
    3.CBSE Sample papers: You can download the papers from the official website of CBSE. The sample
    papers provided by the CBSE are as close to the real exam as it gets.

  • Here are some tips to help you study physics for class 12th examination:

    1. I suppose pradeep publications is still the most popular physics book at school level.

    2. Read theory from thebook. Each chapter is divided into portions. So read a portion.

    3. Then read and mug the derivation of that section by writing(mugging a derivation is very important because a-it'll help you memorise formula, b-more importantly even the sub-formulas eventually used to derive a formula can help in solving a numerical)

    4. Derivation is followed by some solved examples. Read them carefully,try to understand them and after understanding do those solved examples with your own hand workout seeing. These are suitably positioned in chapter to explain the application of the concept and the formula of that particular portion.

    5. Now this is followed by some problems. DO THEM BEFORE PROCEEDING AHEAD.

    6. At each chapter's end are still more solved examples. These are to teach how to use 2 or more concepts/formulas together in 1 problem. AGAIN I MUST STRESS DO THEM YOURSELF. If unable to, then see the solution, understand it and do it again.

    7. Them proceed to solve the numericals. I'm sure you'll see things changing for better.

    8. If you've accomplished this task now move on to some IIT book. Again follow the same pattern. Theory won't take much time as basic concepts are same. So see and do the solved examples then proceed to the unsolved questions.

    9. Listen to the teacher very carefully in the class when a concept is being explained. Read the teacher's notes/topic from book immediately as that period is over. It'll just take a couple of minutes but shall be tremendously helpful.

    Now for exams, get important topics sorted out either by reading previous years question papers or getting them marked by someone, or may even start studying retrospectively I.e question from question papers and answer from your book. Write these answers as to be reproduced in exams and revise them.

    Hope this helps

    Feel free to use our Doubtnut app whenever a doubt arises in your mind and we will clear it for you.

    All the best !!!

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