How can I utilise my class 12 preparing for JEE so as to get a rank within 1000?

  • How can I utilise my class 12 preparing for JEE so as to get a rank within 1000?

  • You have been preparing for your class 12th which means you have been following the NCERT books and you are clear with all your concepts. All you need to do is raise the difficulty level just a little bit so that you can reach the JEE mains level.

    So first of all get some good question banks. Whenever you complete a topic from your NCERT, go for that topic from the question banks. Some recommended question banks are the DC Pandey, HC Verma, Arihant and Cengage publications. After you complete any topic in NCERT, it’s best if you pick any of these question banks and solve the questions of that topic. This will increase your level in that particular topic which would be great for you preparation.

    If you have any math doubt in NCERT or any book, just click a snap for the question and upload it on the Doubtnut platform. You will receive a video solution for the same. If you do not receive a solution, you can ask an expert for the question and you will get the solution within next 24 hours. It’s important to clear your doubts whenever you have them because once you start ignoring them, they get accumulated and your concepts will get disturbed. So do not leave your doubts unanswered.

    Further more, Try to solve previous year question papers from that topic. This will give you some sense of confidence and you will definitely get an edge in your preparation.

    I hope this helps. All the best.

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