How do I study chemistry for class 12 board exams?

  • How do I study chemistry for class 12 board exams?

  • Chemistry is the easiest subject in the class 12 PCM syllabus. You can easily score well if you prepare well. When i gave my boards I scored 96% overall and 95 in my chemistry paper and trust me, its not hard to achieve. You just need to be focused and study right if you want to score well. It’s not hard. Just be ready and willing to devote a little time and effort.

    So let me tell you what i did when i had to prepare. The most important think to remember is that the only thing you need to score more than 90 marks is your NCERT books. If you study your NCERT books well and all your concepts are clear, you are well qualified to score 90.

    But the question is how do you reach 95 and above? Well I think that’s possible if you solve the previous year papers and the sample papers. This will surely get you above 90 and in the territory of around 95. That’s what i did. I solved the Evergreen sample papers and it was a big help. Nit only for chemistry but also for PCM.

    Finally if you want to get a perfect 100, I think you can go for the Dinesh and Pradeeps. But i won’t recommend that. If you start studying these books, you will surely get confused and lost and you won’t be studying the topics within the syllabus. These books are vast and confuse you a lot. So it’s better to stick to NCERT books.

    Watch this Doubtnut video. Things will become a little more clear;

  • Luckily scoring well in chemistry isn't very tough, if you keep the following tips in mind when you are studying for the exam.

    Here are some tips that will help you in studying for the class 12th board exam:

    • Chemistry requires selective study. Since the subject itself in divided into organic, inorganic and physical. The approach for each should be a little different.

    • Make sure the numericals and concepts for physical are well understood, it is best if you do these chapters well when they are done for the first time only. This will save you a lot of time later on.

    • You should be clear with conversions in organic, so that you can mentally create one compound into another. Give ample time and understand this part.

    • Inorganic chemistry requires equations to be learnt. Do them and understand and relate to the theory well and you'll be good to go. Practise extensively with the theory so you don't panic in the board when an equation is asked.

    • Be sure to complete NCERT!! It's questions are of a good level for the board. You may practise some organic questions further from other books.

    • In the paper, write neatly and well. Provide the equations where needed and present the calculations with minimum cutting.

    • Lastly attempt previous year papers too. You'll do well!

    Do not pile up your doubts, it will only create more stress and confusion. You can get get all your doubts cleared through our Doubtnut app, so give it a try and i guarantee you won't be disappointed.

    Good luck !!!

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